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Buy your individual GoDaddy domain directly from OfficeDomain 365. Rambadran is a senior sales executive who focuses on the Office 365 world. Now you can purchase a GoDaddy customized domain name directly from Office 365 and we'll setup it for youutomatically. A GoDaddy administered domain name that already exists in your company can be used to upgrade Office 365 to use that domain name directly from within Office 365.

Buy a new domain or directly from the Office 365 Administration Centre to create a previously acquired customized domain name. If you click Buy a domain in Office 365, a basic assistant will help you buy a domain name and make Office 365 use that domain name in a fast and easy one.

Purchasing a domain in the Office 365 Administration Centre makes it simple to find and buy the right domain name for your company. From the Office 365 Administration Centre Domain Purchase Assistant, enter the domain name you selected for your organization, and then click Verify Allocation. When the domain name you want is available, you can buy it with one click.

As soon as you have found an available domain name, click Buy. The GoDaddy built-in purchase screen lets you check and finalize your purchase. The GoDaddy purchase is built into Office 365, so you can make your purchase quickly and easily. When the purchase is completed, the GoDaddy DNS record on your name will be upgraded for use with Office 365 so that you can immediately begin using your customized domain name for your e-mail address and website.

And if your company already has a domain that GoDaddy has acquired, you can use the Domain Addition Assistant to automate the setup of your Microsoft 365 software. Learn more and view the movie on how to bring your GoDaddy domain to Office 365 with ease. We' re very pleased to be able to provide these often demanded capabilities and help our clients use 365 even more quickly than before.

Which is a domain name? Although the word "domain name" may seem rather exoteric, it is actually a very simplistic notion. Domainnames reflect the identities of businesses and individual users on-line. The domain name is the name for the on-line operational readiness level of your enterprise. An domain name is a distinct name. In combination with "www." your domain name becomes a web adress.

If, for example, "" is your domain name, then becomes your web adress. When a domain name is associated with "username@", it becomes an alternative to an e-mail message. If, for example, an associate named "Joe" works for "Contoso," his e-mail is Since a domain name must be unambiguous, companies must find out if the name they want is available and, if so, they must enroll it.

As soon as a company has registered its domain name, it can no longer be taken over or used by other people. Businesses use domain name registrars like GoDaddy to purchase and sign up domain names. Find out more about Office 365 and domains:

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