Godaddy Domain Setup

The Godaddy Domain Setup

To set up your custom domain in GoDaddy. User-defined domain setup: GoDaddy/Domain Manager Google Dada and several hundred other DNS services use the Domain Manger. Below you will find a list of websites with GoDaddy supports, Domains Made Easy, Domain In Seconds. Sign in to your Domain Managers page and go to your Domains page. On the Domains page, locate the domain you want to use and click the appropriate gear icon:

First, we need to set up redirection so that queries to the root of your domain (e.g. your domain are redirected to the www sub-domain (e.g. www.your domain name). In order to do this, click on the Organize shortcut below the Forward item as shown in the screenshots below. In the Domain Redirection dialogue field, type the full www copy of your domain name in the "Redirect to" field.

If your domain name is e.g., then you would be typing . Make sure that the call forward setting remains at 301/permanent and that the forward setting drop-down list is Forward only. Lastly, make sure that the Refresh my name servers and DNS preferences check box is checked to accommodate this change: Once you have finished the redirection setup, click Append to store it, and then click Store in the Principal Conveyor dialog:

You will see a pop-up indicating that the redirection setup has been stored and is about to become active: Press Done to store the CNAME setup. After saving, a dialogue box appears indicating that changes are still to be made - click Saving Changes to use them: the changes will be applied to the current file: Please click on "Use a customized domain" and insert the WWW revision of your domain name into the appropriate box and click on the link "update domain".

About GoDaddy TLDs

If you need help or if you would like us to associate your domain for you, please click here to submit this information! Navigate to your page editors and click Preferences > Domains. Enter your preferred domain in the field Customizing Domain and click on "Update".

Please note: Be sure to enter your domain in lower case letters to prevent the "Page not found" bug when you access your site. B. To setup your GoDaddy domain, please complete the following instructions: Browse down and go to "Forward" and click on the "Pencil" symbol for domain. Search for the CNAME www, choose the Edit Record symbol and configure the following records:

Hint: in the example above should be substituted by your own domain name. After a few clicks, come back and see if your website is available! Make sure you clear your browsers memory before checking that the domain is working. When you get the bug "Page not found".

Navigate to Settings > Custom Domain and see if the domain is up. Otherwise, reenter your domain (e.g. Refresh, post and review the site! Please submit us your domain registry screenshot and we will help you find a way.

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