Godaddy Domain Webmail Login

Lordaddy Domain Webmail Login

Log in to your DNS host page with your username and password (below we have used GoDaddy as DNS manager). Accessing Webmail via cPanel Watch this tutorial to find out how to get your e-mail account's webmail. In general, there are three easy ways to get to them, and we will be talking about each of them. Optionally (if you opt for method #3), gain control over the cPanel of your hostout. E-mail accounts credentials.

Procedure 1 - Webmail can be accessed via the IP adress of the webserver. Part of the way to gain Webmail is to use the IP of your web mail servers provided by your web mail service providers. Example: https://server_ip:2096 (HTTPS port) or http://server_ip:2095 (non-HTTPS port) (where server_ip is the IP location of the host on which your site is hosted).

These two options will take you to Webmail's login screen, where you will need to type in your e-mail-address and password for this e-mail-protocol. You should see the login screen like this: Another, perhaps even more simple and memorable way is to use your domain name to get your webmail:

If I have for example a domain, I get my webmail by going to this link: Webmail can also be accessed by using the portnumber instead of "/webmail" as follows: (non-HTTPS port) or (HTTPS port) The login screen will also look like this: Type your panel and go to the Email Accounts section:

In the E-mail Accounts section next to the e-mail accounts you selected, click More, followed by Access Webmail: The system prompts you to open a dialog box in which you can select an e-mail clients. The Set as Default button next to the selected clients can be clicked to set it to use every times you open Webmail for that particular e-mail album.

Learn how to get your e-mail account's webmail in this easy to follow step-by-step guide. I' d also like to say that you can specify a different standard e-mail clients (one of three available) for each of your e-mail addresses, so you can administer everything at will.

In addition, we recommend that you use the Roundcube e-mail clients as it is the most dependable and comfortable of the three.

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