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The Godaddy E-Mail

There are three ways to link to your GoDaddy webmail accounts for any of your domains from your Android device. When you have an email account with GoDaddy, you can add that account to your iPhone. Each day you can send more email from your GoDaddy email account by adding additional SMTP email relays to your GoDaddy hosting account.

GoDaddy Web Mail and how to connect to an Android

There are three ways to set up a shortcut from your Android appliance to your GoDaddy webmail account for any of your domain names. The GoDaddy Workspace web-based utility can be accessed from the Android web interface, the free GoDaddy Mobile application can be downloaded and installed from Google Play, or the standard Android email application can be configured with IMAP or POP3 service preferences for your GoDaddy account.

By configuring the standard Android email application with your GoDaddy email account, you can administer your GoDaddy account together with your other email account configurations in the built-in Android email application. Touch the Application symbol on the Android start up screen and then touch the Web symbol to start the web browsing application.

Touch in the Adress toolbar and enter the GoDaddy Workspace login URL (see Resources link). Enter your GoDaddy email as well as your username and your username in the appropriate boxes, and then press Login. "Your GoDaddy webmail account will open in your webbrowser. On the Android start page, touch the Application tabs to open the application menus.

Touch the Store button to start Google Player. Touch the Apps symbol and then the Search symbol. Enter "GoDaddy" (without the offer) in the search area. The GoDaddy Mobile application will appear during input. Touch the "GoDaddy Mobile" item to open the detail view.

Download the plugin and install it on your Itroid. Touch Open to start GoDaddy Mobile. Enter your GoDaddy email as well as your username and your username in the appropriate boxes. Touch "Go" or "Access Your Account", according to the available options. The GoDaddy input will be opened in the apple. Touch the "Email" symbol in the start window or your applications submenu to start the email attachment on your handheldheld.

Click the Menu button, then touch Account button. "The New E-Mail Accounts window opens. Enter your GoDaddy email again in the Email inbox. Enter "" (without quotes ) in the Upgoing Server area. Enter "80" (without quotes ) in the Port area. Enter a name for the account in the Accounts Name textbox, and then touch Done.

" GoDaddy email accounts are set up. Try your accounts by emailing and emailing from your Android phone. To remove your GoDaddy login information from your web browsers, click the Clear Login List button on the GoDaddy web login page. The information contained in the GoDaddy Mobile App section is valid for GoDaddy3.

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