Godaddy Email Account Settings

Goaddy Email Account Settings

Fill in the fields for the Internet E-mail Settings window, and then click More settings. On the Tools menu, select Accounts. Click Settings in the upper-right corner of the user interface in Gmail. Learn how to set up GoDaddy Email on your iPhone or iPad. No settings need to be configured and no servers need to be specified.

Set up Entourage with Godaddy email

On the Tools pull-down list, choose Accounts. When the Account Setup Wizard screen opens, click Account Configuration Manual. From the Account Type section, choose either Program or IMAP, and then click OK. Use the Edit Account screen to specify your data as follows: Accountname Type a name for your account. Such as My email, work, or home.

Last Name Please fill in your first and last name. Email Your email will be sent to your email adress. Account-ID Re-enter your email adress. POS/IMAP servers For POS account, specify the for your IP account, or for your IMAP account. Forgot your email account code Please input your email account code. smtpout. for your departing servers.

If you want to use the settings for email transmission, click on the Click here icon for extended transmission settings. NOTE: "" is an smtptp relay service. In order to use this service to email, you must first sign in to your Account Manager and enable SMTP relaying for your email account. You can use the Mail Output Host for your ISP if you have not configured an Smtp relay and your ISP allows it.

For more information, please consult your ISP. Choose Override by default, SMTP, port and set the number to 80 under Send Mail settings. In order to activate SSL, click here for advanced send options and choose SSL (SMTP servers require SSL). When you have SSL activated, use 995 for your incoming and 465 for your outgoing ports.

Attempt to set your SMPT ( message sent via email ) servers to 587, 25, or 3535 if you have problems to send emails. Choose one of the following options: Incoming email recipient email recipient, incoming email recipient, incoming email recipient, SMTP recipient, click OK.

Detached: GOODADDY email account problem with grade 3

Telephone was enabled and all my iPhone crap moved to grade 3. Every email account works correctly, EXCEPT my godaddy account. I would like to inform you that on my computer I get all my e-mails with Godaddy included. If I get an email from godaddy account, it is displayed in my mailbox perfect, BUT AUTOMATICALLY INJURED IN 5-10 min.

E-mails appear to be erased from your mailbox even though the general settings confirms that erasure is enabled. If e-mails vanish, they are not even displayed in the directory because there is no bin or recycle bin there. Here are my settings for the godaddy email account: It' s the same problem: I phoned Samsung Technical Sales and the girls says that there is nothing wrong going on with the telephone as my other email account works.

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