Godaddy Email for Domain

Gottaddy email for domain

This is how you create an email address in your domain " One more important thing you need to do right away is get an email under your new domain name. You have several choices about having an email with your domain name. Often have you seen a person's contact page on their website or a visiting page with an email like: or

There are also some SOAS applications that require you to "prove" your domain name, and this is one way to confirm this. And the good thing is that it's going really fast and you can still use Gmail, keep your recent Gmail accounts and just put this new imaginative email forwarder.

Think about whether you want to forward your Gmail to a Gmail account to complete all of the following so you can post and recieve mail in your regular Gmail mailbox. Here is a short guide on how to get your email after you grab your domain name!

Still need to buy your domain name? Do you have a domain name? If you haven't yet created a website or bought web hostings (what!? The purchase of a domain name isn't all I have to do to have a website? No, let's discuss it later), you can still create an email-adress.

So, find out where you got the domain name: Namecheap? GoDaddy? (not my favorite domain name provider, but we will use it as an example since so many folks seem to buy their domain there at the beginning). Log in to the domain name from which you made your domain purchases and go to the "My Account" section.

You will see a full listing of available settings, one of which is "Email", click on the "Setup" tab. We' ll just forward your email to something more useful - Gmail. Hint: If you already have webhosts somewhere, you will usually find this area somewhere in the cPanel of your domain/hosting servic.

Here we will select an email-adress, so whether you go with your name or something like hello@ or info@, just make sure it is what you want, so you don't have to modify it in the near future. It is the email you use to create other service, such as your own community service account, if you don't have it.

You can make your affiliate your "catch-all" affiliate which means that anything sent to a casual email on your domain will be sent to you, but I would suggest that you don't do this as you usually get much more spamming email (e.g. "Hi Webmaster!"). When your domain does not allow you to forward free email, you may also need to modify your MX listing.

Finding the step-by-step instructions for your host is as easy as searching your help section for "MX" or contacting your host! There' s no need to have a million email account numbers to sign in and out of Gmail over and over again. In Gmail, click the small gear symbol at the top right, and then click Preferences.

Click on Account (4th register card above) and then on the button "Add another e-mail address". Enter your name, your new e-mail adress and the control field "Treat as alias" in the opening field. Basically, you say "Hey Google, when I email and recieve emails from that email inbox, remind me how I want to respond, etc.," so it doesn't say "in the name of...", etc.).

Just stick to "Send through Gmail" at the next stage and you're done! You will receive an email to check if you actually have the email but since you've already configured redirection, you should see that the email falls directly into your Gmail inbox.

Then, simply make sure that the icon below the bank information (under "Send email as" on Account) that reads "When you respond to a message" is selected: Answer from the same email to which the post was sent. This new email may also be marked as your "default" email inbox.

The next times you "compose" an email notice, it will show you both email adresses in the From drop-down list. Simply choose the one you want to broadcast from and you're ready to go! Be sure to email some test email to/from other email account (es) to ensure that you can both email to your new email account and received email.

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