Godaddy Email from website

The Godaddy email from the website

The GoDaddy has a specific server and port that you may need to use when sending email from a server on its network. Detached: Contacts do not send e-mail When you use the Office365 e-mail mail accounts acquired with your domains, and you want your phone in your source mail to be sent to that location using a contact request message box, you must ensure that the MX record on the database servers is the same as the MX record on the hostingserver.

Log in to your GoDaddayccount and click on "My Products" 6. Browse down to find the "Email" section. Select "MX record" 8. Now the " MX Records " should correspond to what was in the " Value " field of the MX Records in the DNA Administrator, and your forms should work. I' d like to think that the same would work for any distant mail servers (e.g. Google) as long as the MX records are the same.

Hopefully this will help the remainder of you who still can't make the email forms on your site work.

E-mails from my website will not be sent.

Hello, For one months e-mails sent by the Contacts will be registered to new users....not sent!!!.... Not the first case it has happened, but it has never taken so long and has always resolved itself, so there is no issue with the sources of my website (I use the Philamer library).

Also, I have scheduled a back up of the data base by the chrona job in the panel, and it does not transmit the email confirming that the back up was created. I have another website in the same host (this website is Oscommerce) and it doesn't even mail.

Unable to receive any e-mail from our website -......

We use Premium Business Hosted (you require an award-winning 24/7 account management and technical assistance system... Wow! Wow! guys). We' re dealing with problems for the last three and a half day. All of a sudden our web host went down for almost 4 hrs and after we came back normally.... we can't get any e-mails from our website (insurancetopup-com).

There is no way we can receive an email from our website (such as: order transaction, no automated email is sent to users and administrators, and no inquiry email is received) (it is a WooCommerce-based platform).... but our regular email works. Our e-mails are not working properly, we do not receive e-mail alerts about orders, and the client does not receive a sales slip or order acknowledgement. Why are all our e-mails blocking in the shop?

Web site WooCommerce base - server Linux.

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