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The Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) allows you to access e-mail stored on a server from multiple devices. With IMAP-enabled workspace email, you can set it up in pretty much any email client, on any computer or device.

As a GoDaddy email user, how do I create a hyperlink?

As a GoDaddy email user, how do I create a hyperlink? 1 ) On your preferences page, click "Email" in the Integration section or click here. 3 ) For "Email Provider", choose "Other" from the drop-down group. 6 ) The username should be your full email adress. 7 ) Type in the email you want to send and click "Save". 1 ) For the Email Service Providers, choose "Other" from the drop-down group.

2 ) The address of the departing server should be smtpout. and the ports should be 465.

Configure your MX record: - Helpdesk

Once Redtail has taken over the host of your email domains, you will need to modify your domains provider's administrative preferences to point to the MX entry for your domains. This is a set of data that is used to identify a host that processes e-mail for your area. One or more MX entries are assigned to a specific domains in order of priority.

If someone is sending an e-mail to your domains, the sender's email servers will send it to the first available servers in the priorities group. Creates new MX record or changes its precedence to modify the processing of email for the domains. MX Entries (Learn more about MX Entries and how to prioritize the email server.) You use your vendor's administrative tool to do this.

For information on how to add MX Entries to a GoDaddy host using manual creation, please read their directions here. If you follow your directions intep 5, specify the preference you want to give to the email client in the Preference box.

Setting up a CNAME entry with GoDaddy

It' simple to adapt your GoDaddy domains. View the videotape or use the following procedure to author a CNAME entry and setup your customized portable domains. Log in to your GoDaddy balance on the GoDaddy home page. If you don't see the domains option, you may need to click the "My Account" button.

Then click on the pinion symbol for the domainname you want to use. Choose Name from the File Options drop-down list. Choose CNAME. The spread of top-level domains can take up to 48 hrs, but will usually take place within two hrs. Then look back to see your portable website!

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