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Once you have received this email, click on the link to confirm your request. Create email and file hyperlinks To share the document across several link repositories, simply add a document to your host and capture the link. You may need to assign a passwort to the downloaded files or folders if you do not want them to be opened for direct downloading. Many files I share and I have found DropBox to be very useful.

Load it once, split it with others and link it both from email and from a website.

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Describes how to setup DKIM and SPF when using GoDaddy. Before DKIM is installed, you must have the DKIM check the name of the Domain you wish to use. Proceed as follows to check domains: Preferences > Settings. Click Email Settings in the Functions section of the menu on the far right.

Then click the DKIM and Submit Domens tabs. To check your domainname, click the Add domainname link. Type an e-mail that is associated with this Domain. Then click Submit verifying e-mail. Open this email in your mailbox when it comes in and click on the confirmation link. Choose Get My CNAME Preferences. Notice: Once your CNAME account is validated, you will see a link next to this account to retrieve my CNAME preferences.

In order to have CNAME entries added to GoDaddy's DNA settings, do the following: Sign in to GoDaddy or your local network service providers. Click Administer My Areas. Specify the authentication method for the authentication area. Click Insert under Data Sets. Set the CNAME model. Use the first half of the Name box on CNAME Record that precedes your CNAME server entry for the value of the host:, just em. add s1. _domainkey or s2. _domainkey.

In the case of points that are referenced, copy the whole datafield under CNAME Settings. For all CNAME entries on the CNAME Settings page, perform this procedure again. Hint: The box is similar to the following example: s1. _domainkey. The TTL box can be retained as the defaults. F: How can I verify that I have the CNAME entries configured properly?

A: The e-mail shows the sender domains as the domains you have DKIM set up (signed-by) and a sent-by trace, which includes the same name.

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