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E-mail Godaddy Packages

Hosting GoDaddy has many hidden costs. Typical websites for small businesses will cost a lot more if they are hosted on GoDaddy. E-mail is expensive and so it is hosting.

GoDaddy Hosting's Real Costs

Explore the latent shipping and handling of GoDaddy services. Fees accumulate and what initially looks like a cheaper hosted service ultimately incurs more fees than other competing providers. Let's drill down the price of a website host using the following two criteria: Five e-mails that can be synchronised with a telephone, desk top, notebook, etc.

And GoDaddy's $4 business case. 99/month with 100 e-mails. Note the "2" on the right side of the "100 Email Accounts" enumeration character. 2The email address retention is restricted to the following: Savings 100 email with 100 megabytes of disk space, Deluxe plan: Up to 500 email adresses with 500 megabytes (.MB) of disk space, Ultimate Map with 1,000 email adresses with 1 GB of disk space.

This means that the $4.99 bundle takes up only 100 megabytes of disk space. So if a customer or boyfriend wants to email you a 10 megabyte (.MB) zipped message, only 10 such e-mails can be in your mailbox before the size is used. When this is spread over 5 concurrent or 5 concurrent email addresses, each concurrent recipient will only receive a moderate 20 megabytes of disk space.

Goodaddy hosted just took more. Now, five e-mails only costs $2.49 more. Note, however, the small term "POP3" at the bottom of the Deluxe Schedule. You need IMAP email to be able to access your email from your telephone, work computer, or home computer. The POP3 does not synchronise the state of e-mails across different points of entry.

Suppose 10 e-mails reach your mailbox during the course of the Day. However, when accessed from another computer, the state is not refreshed and the 10 e-mails are marked as "unread". Well, what if you'd replied to the e-mail? Therefore IMAP e-mail is important. An individual Domain is contained in the Economy-Timetable.

If you hover your mouse over the questions behind the "Multiple sites", the text says, "Multiple sites can be hosted within a common hosting plan using the same disk space and bandwith ratios. "Note that only the Deluxe and Ultimate packages provide more than one website. Yes, Economics offers "Multiple Domains". However, this only means that and can refer to the same website as GoDaddy.

Restriction is that if a second website is needed.... You already know where this leads... Godaddy landing charge just raised by $3. The sum is now $10. 98 per monthly! Let's not overlook that your website also needs a domainnameegistration. The GoDaddy provides a $1 registry.

That doesn't seem so costly until you consider that other hosters, like BlueHost, offer that for free with their host packages. Does GoDaddy asking prices not always ring more like the aviation world? Unfortunately, many of our customers have already chosen GoDaddy before they requested our service, and it's awkward to tell them that they need to update both their web site and email account to meet the easy two requirements set out at the beginning of this paper.

Well, in comparison to BlueHost, which provides unrestricted email (IMAP and POP3), unrestricted domains/websites and free $4.95/month registrations! Please click here to see the specials. The GoDaddy perfomance is not considered. So if your site is a WordPress or Joomla site, you might be interested in learning why you shouldn't use GoDaddy or Recommended WordPress Hosted.

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