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The domain name, however, was already purchased. When you want to buy e-mail, you will find the breakdown here: Is it possible to transfer my purchased domain name in GoDaddy to other web hosting sites?

Got a GoDaddy website, I have a GoDaddy website, I have a GoDaddy website and I have a GoDaddy website. Do I have to move the GoDaddy email when transferring the domains & hostings to AWS? Well, if so, how?

There are two options: Either you remain with Godaddy Email Services or email is administered by the Cpanel/WHM servers that you need to move it to AWS/G-suite or another email services. Szenario 1: Godaddy Domains, e-mails with the Godaddy e-mail services and host servers on AWS. The easiest way in this case is to upload, you have already purchased the Godaddy domains, you administer the Godaddy DNA and all you have to do is point your recent A record from your recent A record to Godaddy or Standard A record to the "Elastic or PR ip" from the AWS servers.

Using this assumption, you have your Godaddy domains healthy, Godaddy email healthy, and your new AWS servers healthy. Szenario 2: Godaddy Domains, e-mails administered with your current panel/WHM and host on AWS. You have two choices in this case in the e-mail section. Migration of your current email account from your current Cpanel/WHM to another Cpanel/WHm within "AWS" (this means that you have to create another Cpanel/whm on AWS and purchase the license) and then migration of your email.

It' like the migration from panel servers to panel servers (AWS). Another email options is to move your email account to G-suite (Google Email), Zoho or Microsoft office 365. If you have a few email users, this is a good idea, but if you have tens of tens of email users, it is advisable to move your email services from your default email provider to your default email provider, either Godaddy or both.

Szenario 3: This is for the sites that need to move email from Godaddy to AWS... BUT don't want panel on AWS. Panel -> AWS servers (with NO cpanel). Because of a number of factors, cpanel/Whm should not be hosted on the new AWS servers. If this is the case, you must create your own email services without using a panel, provide your own email services without using a panel, provide your own email services with Credmail, Dovecot, Citadel, Zimbra, etc. - any customized email services for your AWS servers.

Consequently, the Godaddyomain remains intact, the email services are moved to your customized email client on AWS, and the hosting is moved to AWS.

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