Godaddy Email Server

The Godaddy Email Server

The GoDaddy email settings required to send email through the outgoing GoDaddy SMTP email server if you have an account with GoDaddy. When the GoDaddy email service you signed up for has " IMAP ", select this setting from the list of available mail servers. The GoDaddy has two e-mail servers. GoDaddy no longer invests in the other is Legacy IMAP.

From a GoDaddy email account, what is my inbox and outbox server?

GOODADDY will host your website on the web and allow you to create several email addresses for you to send and receive notifications. Every affiliate has the name of your website and is available through the Goaddy " Webmail "ortal. Allows you to create your Go-Daddy e-mail email clients in a stand-alone e-mail program such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.

In order to finalize the setup procedure, you will need the information from your GoDaddy e-mail inbox and outbox server. You can use an email program like Outlook to edit your email. The Go-Daddy inbox server handles all new email sent to your computer by others and delivers the message to your computer.

If you use Post Office Protocol 3 in your stand-alone e-mail clients, the mailserver is However, if you use Post Office 3 in your stand-alone e-mail clients, the server is POP3 downloading email from the Go Daddy server allows you to remove unwanted email from both your computer and the server. When you use the IE Message Access Protocols, the name of the email server is

The IMAP will store a copy of the removed email on the Go daddy server and a copy of each email sent to your computer during the email downloading session. Either POP3 or IMAP must be selected when you set up your Goaddy email account in a stand-alone email clients. The Go Papa outbound server handles all email you send to others.

Also, the outbox server scans the email addresses for each incoming email to determine if they are legitimate. When an email address is incorrect, the email is immediately sent back to your computer as "feedback". The Go Papa email server is smtpout. At Goaddy we use the Simple mail transfer protocol to transfer your email over the web, regardless of which IMAP you use.

If you are creating your Go Daddy email addresses within a stand-alone Clients, you will also need to type the email addresses and passwords for each email identity in the client's ''Accounts'' or ''New Accounts'' utilities. In addition, you must type "110" in the Inbox server field after you have entered the inbox server name.

If you do not want to use a Secure Sockets Layer connectivity, do this, or type "995" if you want to use an SSLconnectivity. When you do not want to use an SSL link, type "80," "25" or "3535" in the field next to the SMTP server output server field after typing the information.

Type "465" if you want to use an SSL connectivity. Continue to the instructions on the monitor to finalize the setup of a new e-mail address.

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