Godaddy Email Settings

Gottaddy Email Settings

Prior to starting, you must know your POP or IMAP email server settings and ports. Setting up Godaddy Email with Mac Mail When you have an email address with Go Daddy, you can either use the GoDaddy web-based email site to get to the email, or you can use a third-party email service such as Mail on your Apple computer. Email third parties allow you to browse, view, download email from your computer and administer email on a local basis.

In order to set up your email with Mail, you must first determine the inbound and outbound servers for your email and then set up the email in your Mac. Go to your web navigator and go to Go Daddy's web-based emailortal. Type your Go-Daddy email in the " Username " box and your passphrase in the " Passphrase " box.

Then click "Help" and choose "Email Client Settings". Search for and log your "Outgoing Server Information" and "Incoming Server Information". You' ll need it when you set up your GoDaddy e-mail with Mail on your Mac. To open the Apple Mail application, click the Mail button in your cradle.

At the top of the application, click "Mail" and choose "Preferences". You can click the "+" symbol at the bottom of the screen to open a new email accounted. Enter your full name (how you want it displayed to the recipient), your Goaddy email and your email accounts login in the appropriate boxes.

Go to the "Account Type" drop-down list and choose either "POP" or "IMAP" depending on how your GoDaddy e-mail accounts are set up. Immap emails are saved on a dedicated mail client, while download emails from your computer and download emails from your computer. When you are not sure whether your bank draft is suitable, please call Go Dady support.

In the " Descriptions " box, type an email descriptor. Please be aware that this is the means by which you can authenticate the email address in your email and that this can be anything like "John's Work Email" or "John's Personal Email". Type the receiving email address that you learned in Section One of this review in the inbox.

Your incomming post office servers look similar to "" or "". Type your email adress and your passwort a second times in the boxes "Email adress" or "Password" and click "Next". Type the same descriptive text that you typed previously again in the descriptive text box for the Outgoing Mail servers. Type the Outgoing mail servers that you learned in Section One of this review in the outgoing mail servers box.

Your email client looks similar to "". Tick "Use Authentication" and type your email in the " User Name " box and your accountpassword in the " Password " box. Verify the information you typed on the next page and place a checkmark in front of "Create your My Computer My Computer My Computer".

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