Godaddy Email Webmail

GOODADDY Email Webmail

Clients expect most professional companies to have their own domain like "" and the corresponding email accounts. This is how you setup an email signing in GoDaddy Webmail

A GoDaddy webmail email signing can be created at the end of each automatic email sent. It' a great opportunity to give your company access to your contacts, sell your company, advertise your brands or make an inspiring offer with each of your emails. GoDaddy Webmail lets you attach a default text signing with a hyperlink to your website, network security profil or your home page to all your email notifications.

The only thing you need to do is setup your email signing once (or twice if you use both GoDaddy Webmail and GoDaddy Classic Webmail). Then you can attach it to responses and new e-mails that you type by hand or let GoDaddy Webmail attach itutomatically. How to generate an email signing for use with GoDaddy Webmail:

Sign in to your GoDaddy Workplace emailccount. On the E-mail page, click and choose Preferences. Choose More Preferences from the displayed menus. In the Email Signing box, choose Include signatures in responses. Type the text for the digital signature in the Digital signature box. You can use the Text Style Editor Style Editor tools bar to apply text style to your signatures.

Optional you can tell GoDaddy Webmail to add the digital signatures to the new email you're composing by selecting the Auto add digital signatures to the composing dialog box. It is possible to add an icon, such as a company name, to your e-mail signatures while you are in the e-mail signing preferences area. In the Email Signing Preferences dialog box, click Paste Picture.

Browse and choose the picture on your computer. Then click Insert > OK. Click the Insert picture symbol under Signatur to store the picture in your digital signature. Click the Insert picture symbol to do this. You can also use GoDaddy Webmail to add a shortcut to your Facebook or twitter accounts. Simply click on the corresponding symbol and type in the desired information.

E-mail signage is saved in GoDaddy Webmail and GoDaddy Classic Webmail as separate files. How to generate an email signing for use in GoDaddy Classic Webmail: Choose Preferences > Private Preferences. Then click Digital Signature. Type the e-mail address you want to use under Signatur. For GoDaddy to add the digital signage to all new posts and responses auto-inserted, click to clear the Auto add digital signage to composition pane box.

It is also possible to enter your digital signatures when creating a new email or replying in GoDaddy Webmail.

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