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GoDaddy email with your Google Mail interface. GoDaddy: Setting up G Suite MX Entries Once you are logged into your G-Suite Gmail user interface, click the Gmail App Launcher in the top right corner. You are now poised to have Gmail as your corporate e-mail for your domains (and, if you haven't done so yet, check your domain). You must log on to your master and forward the e-mail for your master to the server of the suite.

It is like the registration of your new postal adress when you move so that your postal will be shipped to the right place. Make sure you own your own domainname. Or you can now check with an MX entry. We show you how to set up the MX-entries. In the G Suite, set up your own G Suite account for your group.

When your teammates are already using emails with your domains (their emails end with your domain), you must set up their G Suite account before you can modify MX Records preferences. Otherwise, they won't be able to use Gmail to deliver or recieve a message with their company inbox.

When you are in the Setup Assistant, read the G Suite MX record adding guide. When you have not opened the Assistant, log on to the G-Suite Setup Assistant. Keep the G-Suite Setup Assistant open. Go to a new web page and go to the GoDaddy® page. Type the user name or client number and passcode you generated when you bought your GoDaddy name.

And if you don't know your bank details, you can get your user name or set your passwort back. In order to forward your message to your G-Suite profile, you must create new MX Entries for your domains. This is the set of data you need to add: Hint: The value are the mailservers of the suite.

Click On at the bottom of the Data Sets tab. Retry operations 1-7, enter the rest of the MX location value from the above chart, and set the priority number. Your new MX entries are displayed in the table Records. If you have already checked your domains using another procedure (for example, TXT recording, HTML files, or tags ), skip this one.

When you need to check your domain: Locate the unambiguous MX verifying data set provided by the G-Suite Setup Assistant. On the first page or in the first screen, go back to the G-Suite Setup Assistant. Browse through all the confirmation stages in the assistant. Now your commercial emails for your domains are forwarded to the G Suite mailservers.

Please note: Updating your datasets may take several hours, so you may not immediately get new Gmail e-mail notices. In the meantime, you will still be receiving news from your old e-mail service to you. When you see the MX Deployment Configuration Validity in Process report in Admin console for more than a few hrs, make sure you have typed the MX addresses and priority data sets properly into the stored DNA entries on your hosting machine.

However, if you still need help modifying your MX record, please call G Suite Technical Assistance.

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