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If you want to change a homepage with GoDaddy. from Richard Bashara. GoDaddy - How to modify a homepage with GoDaddy

GoDaddy's Website Builder can be used to administer everything about your website, for example site extensions and changes to the homepage. Go to the GoDaddy My Accounts login page (see Resources link) and enter your GoDaddy user name and your GoDaddy user ID and your GoDaddy user ID to login to your GoDaddy My Accounts page. From the Website Builders page, click the Launch page next to your website's GoDaddy login name.

When the Page Designer session is started, click Finish Designer. Changes take effect immediately. It is also possible to modify your homepage by hand. Name another page "Index" to make it the new home page of your site. In 2008 Daniel Hatter started professional typing. He specializes in computer, web designing, softwares engineering and technologies.

Mr. Wisconsin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and Information Science from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. "GoDaddy for changing a homepage."

GoDaddy - How to modify a homepage with GoDaddy

You can use your CMS to update and make changes if you want to modify your target page for a particular sales page your business holds, or if you want to perform some A/B tests to see which target page is the most efficient. And if you don't want to use your own CMS, a tool like Filezilla FTP can make your changes available to you.

While you can modify your homepage as often as you like, make sure you refresh the link on your site every single times you do so. Sometimes this can mean your panel, but you may need an FTP like FileZilla. When you connect to bPanel, type your user name and your passphrase.

To connect to FTP, type the name of the host you are connected to under "Host" in your FTP client, then type your user name and your passphrase. Browse to the Public_html page and find your standard page. GoDaddy says your page could be called "Standard", "Index", "Home" or "Welcome". Your page will have the same extensions as the rest of your site, e.g. HTML sites will end with .html and PHP sites with.php.

Name your old homepage and load a new one. To use cPanel, mark the standard page and click on " Replace". For FTP access, right-click the name of the FTP user and choose the " Replace " option from the drop-down list to modify the name of the FTP user name.

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