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GoDaddy Inc (GDDY:New York) company profile & key people with description, company address, management team and contact information. Googleaddy Inc. is offering Class A shares of common stock. Retrieve the latest information from GoDaddy Inc.

GODDADDY Inc (GDDY.N) Company Profile

goaddy inc. It offers cloud-based solutions and personalised client service. This company runs a domainname market place where its clients can find the perfect property for their ideas. Provides website creation, web sitehosting and security utilities that help clients create and secure websites. Provides apps that connect to clients and manage organizations.

It offers searching, discovering and recommending services, as well as a range of corporate domainnames. It provides business intelligence services such as domain-specific email, web repository, billing, accounting and payments for enterprise operations and merchandising applications. Company software includes GoCentral, which enables you to create a Web site or Web shop for your desktops and mobiles.

Based on a cloud computing paradigm, the company's offerings allow its clients to be found on-line by delivering their website and contents where they are needed, from searching results to popular press releases to verticals. The company offers web designer, developer and customer web hosts and secure solutions that can be used with a variety of open code web site development tool.

The Company provides its clients with the opportunity to browse and enroll available domains or prime enrollments through its website or portable app with the appropriate registrar. Domainname Private Information Protection allows its clients to create a registered name on an non-listed base. This company runs the Domainname After Market, which handles the sale of Domainnames in the After Market or Secondarily.

Offering a suite of web site offerings, the company enables its clients to build and maintain their own unique Web ID or, in the case of Web Pros, the unique Web ID of their end-consumers. The company had around 10 million websites as of December 31, 2016. Its key web site product offerings include web site sharing, web site sharing on both virtual private and private server platforms, and managed web site sharing, secure and clean room solutions and web application sharing.

The company runs, services and assists hosted web sites in its own and hosted datacenter and its rented, hosted, shared datacenter with Linux or Windows OS. The company also offers hosted services with a variety of apps and offerings, including Web Analytics and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate.

Our offer of VPN servers provides clients with a unique VPN that runs on a unique bare-metal network where several other VPNs run for other clients. Upon customer demand she can install and maintain a number of web apps such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Gallery.

The company provides a set of hosted management schemes to meet the needs of its clients, as well as Expert Hands, which provides extra customised customer service assistance at an hourly fee. Company anti-virus offerings includes SSL Certificate, scanning for viruses and removing them. There are also codesigning certificate features that verify the identities of author and confirm that the product has not been manipulated since its inception.

Website Builder is an on-line utility that enables clients to create stylish websites regardless of their technological capabilities. This company provides a variety of blueprints, the price of which depends on the number of available style options and the required commercial and market functions. Designed to meet a variety of professional writing needs for small companies, organisations, families, sports clubs, marriages, meetings and other stakeholders, his work covers a wide variety of professional category contents.

The Website builder also enables its clients to obtain a mobile-optimized copy of their website. With the company's web shop solution, consumers can build their own website with an embedded web shop optimised for portable purchases, showcasing items, managing stock and shipments, and accepting secure payment by either debit cards, Apple Pay or PayPal.

SEV's SEV ( Advanced Seeker Visibility ) software assists its clients to find their websites on Internet Explorer through SEEO. The SEV provides a step-by-step assistant with selective recommendation which words will direct your visitors to your website. The company has developed a novel system that assists its clients in obtaining keyword and contextual advice.

Company's enterprise applications product portfolio includes email account, Microsoft Office 365, email commerce, and voice. They offer a variety of email services schedules that link to their customers' domain names. Several of these schedules included a multi-function web API, an embedded calendaring system, and safe on-line store. Prices for these schedules are based on the amount of space requested by the client and the number of email adresses.

There are 365 Microsoft Office e-mail account (s) that you want to create and use for setting up and using with your customers' estates. Microsoft Office 365 comes in a variety of flavors, from emails with calendars and contact information associated with a user-defined application suite, to a variety of production utilities, complete with full version application filesharing, Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

In addition, it provides email add-on capabilities such as email encoding capabilities (in conjunction with ProofPoint) and email archival capabilities (in conjunction with Sonian). Its email marketer allows clients to promote their business through permission-based email. Clients can generate and distribute newsletter, focused ad campaign, promotion and survey, link email campaign to their community network and monitor campaign results.

It offers Internet-based telephony that can be access using either IP (Internet Protocol) telephones or either conventional on-site or mobile telephony solutions. Several of the phonelines feature extra features such as voice email, a face-to-face receiving lady, a customisable phonebook structure, voice email transcript, follow-me call routing, facsimile on request and email voiceover.

Founded in 1992, the company's core technologies include hardware, infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, application and information sciences, enabling clients to create and maintain their own unique identity, and providing multi-device connectivity. Datacollection allows the company to capture consumer, company, and company information from a variety of resources, such as webrawling, community listing vendors, community forums, and more.

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