Godaddy Link Domain to Hosting

Lordaddy link domain to hosting

To link your domain name to your hosting accounts Join us for our Marketing Unit #2! Today's lessons are focused on connecting your domain name (purchased from GoDaddy) to your website hosting account (bluehost) so you can start your first self-hosted WordPress website and/or blogs. For Episode #1, click here ("Lesson 1: The best domain names and tools to help you do it").

You should have bought your domain name after the last session (I use GoDaddy for my versatility, my technical stuff and the ability to sell my domain through GoDaddy - see session 1 for details). Please refer to your domain management by clicking on "All Products" (see below). GoDaddy's latest design makes them seem to have hid the domain managers even more.

Simply go to All Products, Domain and then under Administration you will find "Domain Management" (see screenshot below). All my domain names are hosted in GoDaddy and I "show" some of them on Bluehost so I can create a WordPress blogs or website. Keep in mind that you can have more than one website or blog in a Bluehost email address (with no extra charges), so once you're good at using WordPress, you can start experimenting with new web pages or blogging just for the extra costs of a domain name.

At this stage, click the domain you want to create in Bluehost (with a WordPress website or blog). Once you have clicked on the domain you will be working with, you have two ways to change the nameservers (this is what "points" to Bluehost). Either location changes the same information, so either click on the nameserver symbol (looks like a pile of bullion coins) or on the "Set Nameservers" link below.

Because we use Bluehost as our hosting (I only favor hosting over GoDaddy's), we need to substitute these nameservers below. Quite literally, you can switch from a domain name to a new WordPress site within one to two hours if you complete these instructions (including what I teach in Lesson #3: Set Up Your WordPress Site).

The next step if you are using Bluehost as your website hosting and have created your own website hosting profile is to login to your Control Panel (see screenshot below where you can find it). As soon as you login to your Bluehost email address, you will be in your Control Panel (called "cPanel"). Many things are in here (we'll learn more about it later), but find the "Domains" section and then click on the "Domain Manager".

In order to complete the pointing of our domain from GoDaddy to Bluehost, we need to click on "Assign a domain to your cPanel account". As soon as you click on "Add Domain" above, you should see a notification under "Summary". As soon as these stages are complete, you should be prepared to take the next stage (set up your Unit 3: "Setting Up Your WordPress Page")!

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