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In this article, you'll learn how to retrieve your GoDaddy FTP login in minutes. Are you having trouble signing in to the GoDaddy Developer Portal with Chrome or Firefox web browsers? Admin WP login screen here:

To log in to the GoDaddy Developer Portal

Are you having trouble signing in to the GoDaddy Developer Portal with Chrome or Firefox web browser? And if so, you should have a look at this fast paced movie while I give you a tip and some tricks to get over the never-ending diversion of the GoDaddy developer portal login. Should you have any queries or remarks about the GoDaddy developer portal or general GoDaddy queries/comments, please send me a remark or query below and I will do my best to find the right one.

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GoDaddy will allow you to log in and/or reset your GoDaddy login and/or passwords.

The GoDaddy is a registration company for domains, web hosts, e-mail providers, etc. Recently I had to modify the login name and passphrase for a GoDaddy user but couldn't figure out where to do it. Having played around with their choices, I found them in the "Account Security Information" section. In this article, we'll look at how to modify your GoDaddy login and passphrase, along with screen shots that show you how to do it.

This consultation is up to date as of 15 October 2008 and the GoDaddy website is likely to have a different look in the near term (it has only recently changed), and is for your GoDaddy accounts and not for hosting FTP login etc. or other GoDaddy related work.

Once you have logged into your GoDaddy accounts using your current credentials, click on "My Account" in the left-hand menu. If you click on "My Account", a sub-section in the menu will open, as shown in the second screenshots below. When you click on "Account Settings", a new page will be loaded. Click on the "Account Security Information" item in the center of the new page.

You will then be taken to the Account Safety Information, which is displayed on the right side of the page and contains login and passcode information for you to modify. E-mail adress, pass word and call-in should already be filled in, but I deleted my data from the screenshots below for data protection purposes.

Fill in all boxes except the new Passwort / neues Passwort best├Ątigen. When you want to modify the passphrases, you must fill them in as well. When you are finished, click on the "Save changes" link and you have successfully modified your GoDaddy login and/or login name.

All domains and safe certificate are registered with GoDaddy and I have been doing this since 2003 because they are very cheap.

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