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The GoDaddy follows a trend that has continued for years. Brand-new: GoDaddy has a new logo The GoDaddy "guy" symbol seems to be degraded without much trumpet. Men's icons have existed since the foundation of the enterprise, for a long 20 years. This type was created by the then dedicated GoDaddy design team and the designer's daughter: "Connie and her little girl were sitting at her computer one evening, sketching various pictures.

This is such an invulnerable start for a logo that would then appear in bread-tastic advertising spots. Obviously the symbol was not good, but it was so poor and reflected the stupid mood of GoDaddy so well that it was good. Obviously GoDaddy is trying to put his slippery past into the past, not only by letting the symbol drop, but also with a non-sexually loaded ad.

However, the new word mark is slightly different from the old one, with square counter spaces in the round letters, which makes it a little more interesting and individual, as they used A2-TYPE's Boing out of the box.

The GoDaddy changes his logo (again), looses his father.

Nevertheless, the radio was sparked and his interest in the web was awakened. About the same that GoDaddy was conceived; borne into a universe of miraculous possibilities, creativeness and hopes for a techno-democratic dream that, as we were all sure, would be made possible by the web. But GoDaddy, at least by 2005, would be the biggest ICANN-approved registered domainname and was the first place the little kid ever purchased a name.

It was customary for web businesses at that period to hug the savage western part of the web with a logo that reflects the "crazy", "crazy" and generally Nickelodeon-like aesthetics favored by those who were first engineering and then design... or fifth glance, it took a while for the printers to get on the plane.

However, everyone who was someone used either a kind of "handmade" look throughout his entire brand-name or a super-corporate brand-name a la IBM. This era is long gone, both the seemingly informality of our brands and our technocratic fantasies are dragging into the past. The GoDaddy logo had already been upgraded in 2016 to look more contemporary, but now the masked girl "Daddy" is disappearing.

That'?s the logo of the origin. Here is the 2016 version, where they first upgraded their model. You can see the guy has some fun accents, but the whole aesthetics are more like what you would want from a multi-million dollars company. Here is the new logo.

You can see, it's only the 2016 guy without Dad that made GoDaddy a thing. The GoDaddy follows a tendency that has continued for years. HOTMILA, Yahoo, Google and just about every big online business has updated its logo and a brand. All of them doing this almost in the same way, with the guy without serifs, has provoked critique from those who have the feeling that their new identity lacks personality...if they really are the new "trendy" corporate...they did it, but it makes me a little bit sorry.

Can' t say that's false, exactly, but I have a hypothesis about where this tendency is from. Enterprises that were once courageous start-ups are now fully committed to shareholders and board members. Often it seems that an investor prefers a company with a strong, sophisticated and even dull reputation. Part of this change is a change in the brand.

When you long for the old age of the web, it probably seems so. When you have made an investment in these businesses, it's probably fine with you. One alternative hypothesis is that the new approach to brand-building actually looks more like brand-building for young start-ups that have been moving towards business-oriented brand-building.

In fact, this could be an attempt by GoDaddy to keep up with the latest trends.

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