Godaddy Mail App

The Godaddy Mail App

Find the app icon of a bag on your iPhone startup screen. Wonderful app, I really like to have access to all my email folders and bulk mails. The GoDaddy Office 365 email setup in the Native iOS Mail App (iPhone / iPad) | GoDaddy

Use your natively created iPhone or iPad iPhone Mail app to create your GoDaddy 365 e-mail address. See how GoDaddy makes 365 better. Do you want to connect to your GoDaddy 365 e-mail from your iPhone or iPad? Watch this tutorial to learn how to setup your Microsoft 365 e-mail accounts in the natively running eOS Mail application on your machine.

Specifically, these statements apply to the natively installed iPhone or iPad based iPhone or iPad based application. GoDaddy Office 365 e-mail accounts are always available from any web browsers linked to the web. Simply login to your bankroll. But if you want to use your Outlook 365 e-mail accounts with the original mail app on your iPhone or iPad, there are some setup procedures.

From the Mail Settings page, browse and touch Mail. Touch Add my bankroll. From the Add my Contacts page, touch Exchange. From the Exchange window, touch the E-mail box and enter your GoDaddy Office 365 e-mail adress. Or you can either keep the Descriptions box unchanged or touch it and enter a personalised name for your bankroll.

Touch Next to begin the verification procedure, which will find the automatic configuration you need to set up your GoDaddy mail server. Enter the correct GoDaddy O365 e-mail address in the Passwort box. If your balance is validated, you will see green check marks next to each element.

Next, select the functions of your Outlook 365 e-mail that you want to synchronize with your iPhone or iPad by turning the slide controls on or off. Mail must at least be switched on. Once you have finished setting up your user name and password, press Save. In order to check the link, go back to the home page and press Mail.

Your O365 e-mail accounts are in your mailbox listing - everything to use!

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