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Then enter the e-mail address that you want to create. How to add email accounts to your cPanel domains. Login to the GoDaddy "Workspace Login" page with your GoDaddy email address and password (link in resources).

Adds e-mail account to your cPanel domains - Go Daddy's Hosting Product Feedback

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Merge your Godaddy-E-Mail with Gmail

Gmail allows you to manage more than one mailbox from a single Gmail mailbox. Today, individuals often have more than one mailbox they manage, one for work or commerce, one for private, and maybe even an old one that was set up years ago and you just can't get it out.

Gmail allows you to forward more than one email to a single mailbox, so you only need to review one at a time. 4 login sessions are long gone, making your daily routine much simpler. This is what's great, there's even a way that you can answer emails from the main email and GMail is configured to answer from the email from the email recipient who got the initial one.

That makes it really simple to edit emails from more than one mail account. Choose the Account page. Click the Mail from another location icon in the Mail to:: section. On the next screen, choose the second item, Submit via [E-mail Address] SMPT Server (recommended for domain professionals). You will be verified for your login information and then taken to another screen of the pop-up with information to confirm your mailbox.

There is no need to fill in the verification key, you verify the e-mail with the e-mail sent to your bankroll. On the Gmail Settings page, Accounts page, click the Add POP3 e-mail accounts icon in the Checking Mail with POP3: section. From the 4 available checkboxes, you can choose the third or fourth box if necessary.

You can now use Google Mail to get e-mails to your GoDaddy hosted area. Probably the first e-mail you'll probably get is your Google Mail verification e-mail to verify that you can submit e-mails from your host to your host via Google Mail. Once you have received this e-mail, click on the following button to verify your enquiry.

When that' s done, you can use your host e-mail accounts to deliver e-mail via Gmail. E-mails sent to your harbored e-mail will be displayed in your inbox, just like other e-mails. In order to submit an e-mail from this e-mail client, click Compose Mail, and then choose the appropriate e-mail from the drop-down list at the top of the e-mail message page next to From:.

My suggestion is that you e-mail your harbored e-mail from your harbored e-mail just to make sure everything works properly. When you can do your own e-mail sending and then receiving, then you know that everything is working properly and you are good to go.

In the " Mail under " section, under the "Replying to a message" headline, also note the "Reply from the same email to which the mail was sent" item. One of the major advantages of creating a Maestro user interface!

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