Godaddy Mail Settings

The Godaddy Mail Settings

Unless you have changed the SMTP Relay section, select the same settings as for my inbox server. Enter your mail server settings in the Email Setup Center under New Account. Set up your email address with IMAP. Use your email client to create an account. You can use "Settings" on your iPhone to set up GoDaddy Mail.

Email settings for GoDaddy

Start by including your username, organization, e-mail and response adress. Name and Organization are what you see in the From box of the e-mails you sent. When you decide to type an organization name, it is displayed in parentheses after the name you entered.

Among the distribution choices, specify the GoDaddy mail servers' SMTP mail servers adress (, click to check the Requires Authentification box, and then click Setup. Check the "Use output SSL TP authentication" box and keep the standard AUTH LANGIN group. Then, fill in your full domain-hosted e-mail adress and the username and passwords for your GoDaddyccount. When you click the OK icon, you return to the Shipping Option page.

At the bottom of this page, click the Extended icon, and then switch the Smart Port from 25 to 80. It is also a good idea to include a user-defined domains while you are on this extended display. To GoDaddy subscribers, the user-defined domain would be the name of the GoDaddy hosting for you -

When something needs to be modified, any of these settings can be modified at any moment.

Mailstations sometimes modify their settings. Should you have a problem with any of the above, please get in touch with GoDaddy and ask him to verify the settings for your local SMTP system. As many e-mails can I dispatch with the GoDaddy output mail client SMTP?

Configure GoDaddy email account in Outlook on APC

When you have your e-mail services hostered by another web hosting company, such as GoDaddy, you can still continue to set up your e-mail in the Outlooklient on the APC servers. To get help, you can call APC Technical Resources or perform the following process: The following are how to set up a GoDaddy in Outlook on your APC computer.

Choose Manual Deployment for Outlook First Time Deployment. Enter your login information and your servers information. In the example, the settings are for GoDaddy. In case you have another vendor, you should get in touch with that vendor to learn the appropriate settings for that one. The e-mail is also entered in the Username box.

Select More Settings. Select the Outgoing Server option and click Ok. Try your settings by pressing the Test Settings icon. In case your installation was not successfull, please consult your webhost hosting company.

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