Godaddy Mail Setup

The Godaddy Mail Setup

In order to find them, go to the email setup center. Go to the email client you selected and create a new account. Configuring your iPhone to access your GoDaddy account is a simple process that only takes a few moments. Lots of large companies and small business owners host their websites and email accounts on GoDaddy servers. That' s why email marketers also hope to send bulk email via Go Daddy email SMTP servers.

Setting up Godaddy Mail on an iPhone

The GoDaddy Hosted Services offer a full-featured e-mail client that allows users to set up individual e-mail services with their own name. They can be accessible via your iPhone, your web browser, or your favorite e-mail client. Configuring your iPhone to connect to your GoDaddy mailbox is an easy and instant operation.

Touch the Preferences button on your iPhone startup monitor. Touch Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and then touch Create my Contacts. Touch "Other" and then touch "Add Postal Account". Key in your name, your GoDaddy e-mail location, your GoDaddy passphrase and an option e-mail content track, then touch Next. Choose the "POP" register card and specify "" (without quotes ) as the mail inbox and "" (without quotes) as the mail outbox.

Type your user name and your passphrase and then press "Save". "Like setting up Godaddy Mail on an iPhone."

Email setup with Godaddy

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Comunity, Help and Assistance

I' ve also had problems with GoDaddy. You have so many domain names on your blacklist that when a client puts their e-mail on a contacts page, they get an alert! You have any ideas what I can do to get this contacts page going again? And GoDaddy couldn't help.

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Set up your e-mail in Microsoft Outlook

Watch this step-by-step guide to configure Microsoft Outlook 2003Â to work with your email accounts. Although this tutorial concentrates on how to setup Microsoft Outlook 2003, these preferences are similar in other Microsoft Outlook releases. Allows you to configure earlier Microsoft Outlook releases by using the preferences in this tutorial.

From the Mail Accounts pull-down box in Microsoft Outlook, choose Tools. In the Email Accounts Assistant screen, choose Create new email address, and then click Next. Choose POP3 or IMAP for your particular types of servers, and then click Next. Please fill in your data in the following way in the Email Setup dialog box (POP3/IMAP):

Select More Preferences. To use this mail sending service, you must first enable SMTP relaying in your mail inbox. On the Manage Email Accounts page, sign in to configure your mail relays to receive messages via SMPT. You can use the mail dispatch servers for your ISP if you have not configured an Smtp relay and your ISP allows it.

To obtain this preference, please consult your ISP. When you have modified the username and passphrase in the Manage Email Accounts page Transaction Logon with section SMSTP relays, choose Login with and type the username and passphrase.

This example will assume that you have not changed your message relaying area on the Manage E-mail Accounts page. Choose the Extended register card and switch the output spool (SMTP) to 80 or 3535. Microsoft Outlook 2003Â is a worldwide registration of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other territories.

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