Godaddy Manage Account

GOODADDY Manage your account

If you are a Pro, you can add customers to your account and then request access to their accounts to easily manage their products. Admins can manage their domain names from separate accounts without having direct access to your account or billing information. Mouse over your account icon or name, and then click the Manage Domains option.

Set up your NCAME with GoDaddy - Documentation

See "Add a CNAME Record" for GoDaddy directions on how to do this. When using a rootedomain ( e.g. ""), you should configure the nude domains so that users who do not include the "www" will still be redirected to your destination pages. You must create an A-Record in GoDaddy to do this:

If you have only one GoDaddy account, login to your GoDaddy account and browse to "MyProducts" From the Gear pull-down list, go to "Manage DNS" if you have only one GoDaddy account: GoDaddy will display a warning that explains the error if it encounters an error when saving your zonefile.

You will normally see this when you try to make a CNAME entry for a sub-(? ) that already has an existent A-entry. Most of the time this is the case when you try to make a CNAME entry for your "www" slave name. In order to fix this, remove the A entry for your "www" sub-directory, and then make the CNAME entry as described above.

This is how you migrate a GoDaddy account from your own account using Account Modification

In order to move a GoDaddy account to another GoDaddy account, you must make an account modification. As a result, possession of the domainname is transferred from one GoDaddy account to another. Prior to you starting, the purchaser must give you his e-mail and account number.

It is used to start the account modification. Purchasers can retrieve your account number from the GoDaddy user interface drop-down list in the upper right hand side of the GoDaddy account. Your account number will be shown differently according to how you enter the profile's drop-down menu: Find the page frame in which you want to make an account modification, choose the Gear symbol, and then click Domain Preferences.

Choose Transfer to another Godaddy account. Please note: Your new . info registrations are subjected to a wait of 5 days from the first registration until the time when your account can be changed. In the Begin Account Changes pop-up window, type the recipient's e-mail adress in the Re-enter e-mail adress and e-mail adress boxes.

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