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The Godaddy Mobile Website Creation

Describes how to make changes to the mobile versions of my we.....

Today I played around with the mobile part of V7.... Trying to place a text next to some pictures... on the screen, it was "breathtaking", on the mobile screenshot, it turned out to be a "dog breakfast". Text would appear almost everywhere, randomly, even the pictures would shift their position in relation to each other!

Desperately I placed the text "on the picture" with the picture editors, which was also a "bag of worms". If you edit the picture to include the text, the picture will be displayed in full scale so that no correlation can be made between the text sizes you wanted or wanted.

Everything seemed to depend on where the pictures were placed on the Desktop release (a little to the right or a little to the right, or up and down) where they would appear after they were downloaded to the mobile one. Never could I translate the relation of "Placement on Desktop" to "Rendering on Mobile" into something meaningful.

The GoDaddy mobile website builder is launched for non-designers to build the website in less than an hours.

GoDaddy Inc., Scottsdale, today announced the launch of its first Website Builder software that allows non-web developers to quickly and simply build their own corporate page from a mobile phone in less than an hours. GoCentral, which also features a range of online merchandising utilities to help small business boost revenue and increase website selling, is also the focal point of GoDaddy's Wednesday eighteenth Super Bowl advertising.

Designed from the bottom up for mobile phones, GoCentral enables customers to create a fully operational website that looks great on both the phone and the desktop," said Lauren Antonoff, GoDaddy's Senior VP and General Sales and Operations Director. GoCentral's 1,600 category choices allow customers to select between Getty Images pro images and template and fonts suitable for the website," said Justin Tsai, GoCentral Brand Products Director.

We also offer suggested domains and rates if the client does not yet have one. Clients can also use a non-modified GoDaddyomainname for free. Once the site is created, GoCentral provides built-in functionality that helps clients bring more traffic to their site. You can access embedded e-mail merchandising, web analytics engines and the option to start a Facebook page directly from GoCentral via the DASHBOARD.

GoCentral offers ready-to-go template and email contents with direct link to products pages and dragging and dropping contents from the website to quickly build a Facebook page. At GoCentral, we have a four tier price plan, from $5.99 to $29.99 per monthly, based on the required option. The GoDaddy company published early releases of GoCentral under its Buy Page franchise to help customers understand how to improve their business.

Some 40,000 clients have already used the software to create their website, Antonoff said. GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY)'s web site and web hosting accounted for 37 per cent of overall revenues in the third quarter of 2016 and grew.

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