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This is how you accept a transfer posting of account changes. Sign in to your GoDaddy account. Click on your account name at the top right and then click on Visit My Account. Select Domain from the navigation menu and Open Account Changes from the menu. The email contains a link to accept the account administrator's invitation.

This is how you add a GoDaddy account to your own GoDaddy account with Account Chang

You must provide the vendor with your e-mail and client number before you begin. As soon as you have provided them with your data, they can arrange for the account to be changed. GoDaddy provides you with a list of your customers. You can find your account number in the dropdown list Profil in the upper right hand side of GoDaddy.

The account number will be shown differently according to how you use the drop-down list of the profile: Account changes can take up to 15 min. to be processed. Just to verify that you have successfully obtained the top level domains in your account:

Run GoDaddy - Manage Domain Name Account Administrators - Knowledge Base

Allows account managers to administer their domains from discrete account management without having to directly view your account or accounting information. For more information about the account administrator's roles in establishing your domains name accessibility, see Become a domain name account admin. ATTENTION: This item is only for domains.

To set up admins for host account, see Working with host account admins. This allows you to give account managers control over the management of domains. First, to give an account administrator control over your domains name preferences, you need to ask him to be your account administrator.

Sign in to your account manager. In the My Account area, click Preferences. In the Account Administrator pane, click Account Administrator. Fill in the Account Administrator boxes, and then click Invite. The new account administrator will receive an e-mail with the message "Invitation to resource management for [your name]. "This e-mail contains a shortcut to the acceptance of the account administrator's request.

A new account administrator must either register a new account or sign in to an old account to receive the invite. As soon as your new account administrator has accepted the invite, you can allocate him to administer youromainnames. For easy association, you can keep the associated domains in different folders by simply using Domains Manager to created a file with account administrator privileges.

REMARK: You must have Premium DNS to give your account administrator DNS and editing privileges. Sign in to your account manager. Click Add Folder in the Advanced Options section and under Folder. When you don't see any advanced options, click the small arrows to the right of the name.

Give your name to your directory, and then click Allocate Account Admin. In the Account Administrator dropdown box, choose the Account Administrator you want to gain control of, and then choose one of the following control options: When account managers have permission to browse directories, they can administer the domains that you associate with their directories.

Sign in to your account management. Move the mouse pointer over the file containing the name of the domains you want to associate with your account administration. Choose your account admin and choose your folders permissions. NOTE: To be able to attach domaines to a directory, you must first generate a directory. When it is ready, go to the All domaines monitor of the Internet Explorer and place a checkmark next to the domain(s) you want to have in that directory.

Go to Organization and select Allocate to Folder. Create and allocate account administrators to your account administrators. This is the highest permission layer. The account manager can take on any role you specify. Personal Accessibility - Specify the role your account manager should have:

Your account manager can change the Nexus information for us domains and the Nexus information for us domains. Name server - Your account manager can change the name server information for the trustedomainnames. Hosted - Your account manager can administer the hosting summaries for the trustedomainnames.

Domainname redirection - Your account manager can administer the redirection preferences for the trusted name. Automatic Renewal - Your account manager can configure whether trusted domainnames are automatically renewed after they expire. Abort - Your account manager can unsubscribe from the assignedomainnames. Subdomains - Your account manager can administer the setting of subdomains for the trusted subdomains.

Browse only - your account manager can see the assigned domains, but cannot make any changes.

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