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The GoDaddy Spam Attack

According to a lady, she is being molested by cybers after the web host GoDaddy gave her email adress to a spamster about two years ago. Everything began when Jamie Bernstein, a Skepchick website blogsman, told about a "dodgy-looking" spamming email she got in 2012. Said that the email was sent to her, along with a pile of other unknown acquaintances whose name began with the note "J." She realized that both the email from which she came and the email from which she came were listed in GoDaddy, Bernstein announced the spamming email.

Two years after the case of spammers, Bernstein has now discovered that e-mails with a hyperlink to the spammer's personal website have circulated the web. Neo, the name of the spamster, has published Berstein's full name, e-mail and photograph as well as offensive commentary on his site. Amber said that Neo had somehow received the email adresses of her friend and had spammed her in the last few weeks with the links to his homepage.

It is not the e-mails, derogatory commentaries or the publishing of their e-mail addresses that concern Bernstein. It is the bigger problem that GoDaddy may have exposed to this unfamiliar burglar that makes her uneasy. Amber said GoDaddy never said to her that Neo said she was the one who called him in.

" GoDaddy officially has a website dedicated to supporting customers, which states that it may be necessary to confirm a claim with a client when someone submits a website or email. That means that GoDaddy can contact the individual in order to ensure that it is actually a case of spamming. She said she couldn't remember whether she saw this reservation or not when she filed her 2012 appeal, but she would definitely think twice about filing spams in the near term.

"Inside my head, the root of the issue isn't necessarily his website," Bernstein said. "Thinking about the web, you don't always notice that it's a physical entity in the universe. The only thing I know is that I now have this individual who has the feeling that he needs to take retaliatory action against me.

" Mr Neo said he didn't mean any wrong when he sent the first e-mail to Bernstein in 2012. Admitting that he didn't know her and had never contact her before he sent the email, he was just trying to split a thread to a videotape he had published on YouTube.

At Merriam-Webster we define spamming in a number of ways, such as " "unsolicited email"", "email sent to a large number of individuals and consisting mainly of advertisements" and "unsolicited, mostly business, email sent to a large number of emaildresses. "Neo interprets Bernstein's appeal to GoDaddy as a personal assault, which is why in recent weeks he has posted commentaries about her on his personal website.

Mr Bernstein said that GoDaddy had fined Neo $200 for spamming in 2012, but he stopped doing so by agreeing not to continue spamming. Although this may not solve the problems of the past, we still sincerely believe that a certain level of contexts will help to clarify how we deal with spamming complains and accusations of defaming contents.

Our zero tolerant email policies and our investigation of all allegations of possible email spoamming on our networks are very positive. The complaining party is informed that it may be necessary for us to confirm its allegation to the individual charged with having committed it. Confirmation of a spamming complain is a crucial point in validating whether there was an "opt-in" email agreement from the individual saying they received spams.

Therefore, we ask you for an e-mail adress of the individual submitting the complaints. Unfortunately, without them there is no way to tell whether the suspected spamster had an opt-in agreement. Concerning the website that has been built after processing the spam claim, we do not make any statements as to whether the contents are diffamatory.

If you are a citizen of the web, we suggest that you consult the criminal prosecution authorities to file a claim about any materials on the site that you consider slanderous. Do you want to deepen this, please send me an e-mail and I would be pleased to talk to you directly.

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