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This is GDaddyusers (unofficial community of Godaddy users). GoDaddy's expertise with Office365 purchase To sum up, I suggest buying Office365 from Microsoft and not GoDaddy. My expertise supports this demand because I bought Office365 from GoDaddy. Microsoft entered into a partnership with GoDaddy in January 2014. I' ve always bought my domain names and SSL certificate from GoDaddy.

So in July 2016, I made the decision to start saving some cash and buy a 5-year-old Office365 Business Premium through GoDaddy instead of Microsoft.

I was very proud of my purchase at that point because of the low rebate. Couple of shifts below cost, here are some problems I have been experiencing that were in conflict with my Office365: GoDaddy's office 365 ull requires me to log in: The GoDaddy SSO becomes a problem because the token-based authentification collides with most of my Microsoft service (Office365, Azure, Bing, Outlook).

It' been happening since my purchase of GoDaddy Office365 and I wasn't the only person who was experiencing the problem: reading here. After that I could have a look at my Office365 products: That' another problem: Office365 management by GoDaddy. I am a softwares engineer and if I didn't have a Microsoft BizSpark bankroll, GoDaddy's Office365 service would restrict my work.

When I click on the admin part, GoDaddy provides a finite Office365 Admin. When I want to build an AppCatalog for SharePoint, I can't, because Godaddy offers a different admin centre than Microsoft: In GoDaddy's Office365 admin, this important feature does not work. That means I can't use SharePoint Admin with my GoDaddy Office365 Business Premium accounts.

This also means that I can't build an AppCatalog for my SharePoint Web Parts or use other management functions. Others who had similar issues in the GoDaddy forum: see here (I answered below). GoDaddy about this problem. I' ve been calling Microsoft about this problem. The GoDaddy has great client support, but the technician's hand was bound, and I knew that before he started fixing the problem.

Microsoft's tech admits that Office365 functionality is restricted with GoDaddy, and suggests giving up and transferring it to Microsoft. That would circumvent the SO and not affect my Microsoft service (Office365, Azure, Bing, Outlook). That' another problem: The Office365 Map allows me to deploy Office 2016 software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) on 5 workstations.

To sum up, I would like to say that my proposal is to buy Office365 from Microsoft and take over the additional costs.

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