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To select a domain name and register it with GoDaddy. To use Godaddy as your registrar, this is the price you have to pay for the private registration. Would you like to register a domain name? Don't go with GoDaddy

If you register a domain name, there is a bid to follow: Don't use If you already are, please use our easy guidelines to get your domain name from the website. GoDaddy's graphical environment is easy to use, but that's where usability ends. "This site tries to make the frontend as easy as possible," says Sellers.

"They make it really effortless to buy, and the surface is really user-friendly." Domainnames start at $10 for plain name such as and become more costly the more exclusively your favorite u.r.l. ending becomes, such as

Nom versus Godaddy: The choice between two domain registry behemoths

When it is your first trip into the domain registry business, you may be amazed at the variety of domain service providers like GoDaddy and iNom. Indeed, there are currently nearly 3,000 domain name registrars available on the registry system ready to wait for you to give them the right moment of the morning and of course some money for the domain of your dream.

Let's take a look at GoDaddy to find out which of these businesses provide true value when it comes to finding a domain. It also sells SSL certificate based solutions, e-mail and web builders. Currently, over 16 million domain names are managed by exNom world-wide. GoDaddy currently has over 17 million clients and is much better known than us, not least because of its strong publicity.

It is the world's biggest ICANN-registered registry to date. Prior to matching GoDaddy with eNom, it is important to first understand what you are looking for and what you should consider when selecting the best website domain name Registrar for your website's needs. Whilst the vast majority on the market offers very similar items without much difference, there are some unique features that make some better than others, but that will depend on what your needs are.

But before you get involved in your domain name research, first ask yourself what you want to do with your domain name after the sale and how you want to launch your website. These are some general things to consider when choosing a domain name registrar: Be the first to choose ICANN-accredited domain names registrars (short for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

The organisation carefully oversees the domain name industry and keeps registration bodies under control. It' much more secure than buying from a third vendor (not accredited) because you know the business is licensed by that regulator. As soon as you know what your domain name will be, you' ll begin comparing rates at different registries.

You can sometimes safe a few dollars or a firm offers a specific promotional opportunity. As an example, it is usual for domain Registrars to provide a super-favorable tariff for the first year and then regularly set prices. In the first year, some firms will quote a ludicrously low annual fee, and then the standard annual fee could be much higher than what competing firms do.

When searching for a country-specific domain name (e.g. for Japan), you should first verify the pricing of the domain registries. Consider what else you need besides your domain name, such as SSL certificate and other domain registration service. Most of them provide a broad spectrum of service and serve as one-stop-shops.

With over 54 million domain names, GoDaddy is just about the leading player in the domain name industry. They have a 16% slice of the pie, which is enormous. A few more domain registrars features are: First year GoDaddy domain price for TLD: Extra service and pricing: Ennom ranks second behind GoDaddy in leading the industry and currently administers over 12 million domain titles.

As a result, they achieve a total of around 3.6% of the total installed base. eNom, like its rival GoDaddy, is an ICANN certified organization with offices around the world. eNom also provides all TLD enhancements as well as generics, but has only a small fistful of country-specific subscriptions. eNom Domain Pricing for TLD (first year):

Supplementary service and prices: Whilst both GoDaddy and egom are offering similar prizes and similar domain service, GoDaddy is the clear victor. It is important to ask yourself what other service and functionality you may need after buying your domain name, as already noted in this brief. GoDaddy is just the thing for you if you're looking for an all-in-one, accessible web application.

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