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Sell hosting, domains and more directly from your WordPress page. The GoDaddy Reseller Shop This plug-in allows you to create a website with the import catalogue of products, including your prices, your favourite currencies and languages. Updating your website, topics, descriptions and pictures is simple and easy and you can use important functions like searching for domains, transferring domains and shopping basket widgets! and more!

When you encounter a dilemma, ask your questions in UserVoice or e-mail and we'll be glad to help you. GitHub is used for the design of this plug-in. Which reseller software will this plug-in work with? For the GoDaddy Reseller Program this plug-in has been developed.

In case you have not bought a reseller programme, you can enable the plug-in at our "in-house" reseller. You can upgrade the reseller to your own at any point. Should I upgrade my Reseller Control Center preferences? It is also recommended that you create a custom domain and reference the DNA to our servers.

Every reseller is encouraged to build their own website and contents for their shop windows. It offers a better customer service and more possibilities for SEO. Although we can't test every topic with our plug-in, we try our best to make it work. The GoDaddy offers several free topics such as primers and activation, which we test with our plug-in.

Corrected an bug when trying to enable the plug-in. When you have a problem, we suggest that you disable your other plug-ins and then try to enable the Reseller Store plug-ins. Or you can try switching to another topic and reactivating the plug-in. Whilst we aim to make the plug-in compliant with many topics and plug-ins, our plug-in will create a user-defined mail types that may cause some topics and user-defined builders plug-ins to disrupt the user-defined mail types registry.

What are the results of the domainsearch when I download the page? Now you can append? to your keyword on any page that has the Topic Lookup widget, and the broadget will automatically look up when the page loads. That reseller has restored trust! GoDaddy's reseller platform has been raised to new levels.

"The GoDaddy Reseller Store" is open resource to you. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

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