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Work as an online seller at GoDaddy: staff evaluations

Our managers were very inadequate. Trouble was a big problem for GoDaddy. In the beginning I was very excited to have the chance to work at GoDaddy, the capability to see how the business works and the common employee cultures. While it was worthwhile to know more about how to market, manage and meet customers, the actual jobs were busy and sometimes managers were not clear with regard to what was expected and complications.

It' s a busy night, but managers float when you' re on a call too long, and they' re very intrusive at selling. While I was working there, they switched structures and managers several-fold, which hindered their career development. Whilst the corporate cultural landscape involves all kinds of individuals, you will only be successful with this business if you pass on several poorly functioning web services for several years to those who need it most.

I' ve done it for 19 month, which is a long-term job for GoDaddy; the number of folks working there for less than a year is astronomic. With regard to seniority, 20 persons with little managerial or social competence are in charge. Managers achieved this by being excessively aggresive sellers.

Your product is horrible and has many furious clients asking for technical assistance or rebates. I was cursed and misused by a client who hanged me and did not call the client back (for more misuse) and was sacked. Second-tier technical assistance for the sales/service staff is horrible, they have a poor mindset about how they are used for their work, which helps us to help our clients.

Managing to get the telephones is like tooth extraction. It'?s a sweatshop. They have very young and unexperienced managers who make poor choices. When you like technologies and humans, then this is a great place to begin and remain... the humans, the leaders, the CEO who is a chief, the advantages, the opportunities.

It is very difficult if you have not been educated about what to do and end up holding the client on the telephone longer than necessary. It is very busy and their in-house system does not allow an ease of searching for ressources and what to do.

Two and a half years with GD in sales. Personally, I liked the guys I worked with, but the whole thing got very old and I got burned out. Without any true progress in the business (there are only 2 items on in-bound and salesupport, lead and supervisor) I had to go.

The Godaddy was a good business to work for overall. I took a vacancy that was published as a technical assistance vacancy, but it was necessary to turn every call into a salesperson. While not every role in your call centre was sales related, to advertise you need to prove that you are above expectation in your present role, which in the entry-level role means you need to have outstanding sales performance.

Actually, I began right after graduating from high school and it's not too good for an entry-level selling stance. Applying for a first shifter and only after taking the vacancy did they tell me I would get the second shifter and there were no other vacancies. It has been reassured to me that I could submit an application for a one-shift post after my workout.

During the 3+ month period, I did not train and cannot move, I competed for each layer opening (4 times). There' re new guys from education going into the first grade. Also I found that any items that do not necessitate you in the call centre are in AZ, which for many folks, moving is not an option. However, it is not possible to move to another location.

To me, sales is not a longer-term job, so I don't see a big job for me here. So the only drawback is if you're not able to fulfill the minimum requirements, which means you're not a good seller, you're two alerts away from getting sacked. Enjoying the fact that there was always something to do during the days, from making phone calls, talking to clients, learning about their problems and doing businesses with the intent of assisting them in finding instruments to help them achieve their objectives.

Managers, however, made several commitments for shifts, changes in timetables and promotion options that were not pursued in any way, and sometimes I felt extreme micromanagement when it wasn't necessary. And there were days when the company managers were incredibly non-professional, making fun of issues like abortions and screaming texts into tunes that were only 2 or 3 ft away from us while talking to clients on the phone.

Once they submitted their initial public offering, they began to let the folks go. Like idiots, they handle their customers and their salespeople like idiots. Actually, I think they're trying to get folks to go for some kind of fluctuation statistics so they can finally go overseas for support and engineering staff.

It seems to me that I was deceived by the GoDaddy executive people. After graduating in Sales and during my interview I was informed that I could definitely move to the Sales division within 6 month. Some of them said that I should gain experiences on the phone with the clients so that I can better sell them, which makes perfect business sense. What they said to me was that I should gain experiences on the phone with the clients so that I can better sell them, which makes perfect business sense. Your company is a great company.

But after six month, when I applied for the market positions, I couldn't get any further. A direct manager of mine said that it was actually very hard to move from a salesroom to a leadership role. Though I was angry, I remained with GoDaddy for a few month because the benefit and payment were great.

In the end I went because of the fact that I was lying, but also because the location of the sales/service advisor has impossibility defaults that one can just do. Superiors all focus on the sales side, which, admittedly, is a large part of the work, but anticipate that we will achieve these sales targets when most clients call with a technology problem and simply want to solve it.

I' ve been "coached" several occasions because I haven't sold enough - they said I' ve spent too much of my life on engineering problems and got trapped in a tunnels of technology. "They also promoted during practice that there was no fixed schedule to be followed, but once they were on the ground, they implemented a call history diagram and we would get into difficulties if we didn't reach all the points on that diagram.

You offer a whole week of practice, but only about ten of those are with your coach and the rest of the practice you have on the phone as an effort to "give you a sense of what's important". However, after completing the practice and beginning my own layer, I quickly realised that things were a lot different when you did the really thing.

First, if you work in the incoming goods section, you have to handle technical phone calls throughout the workday. It' s the brainchild that someone with a technical issue is calling and you expect them to somehow turn it around and make it a sell. Being a new colleague, I'm sometimes disappointed with the technical issues you're dealing with for two reason.

A being I don't think I had enough education to help some clients with confident self-confidence. During practice they said to me literally: "If you don't know the answers, just tell the client that you will check their bank accounts while you put them on a short stop and then flip out and ask someone".

What gets me to part two, whenever I don't know the answers, I try to ask my boss who looks at me like a total idiot, it's like he expected me to know all the technical things if nobody even told me. Disadvantages: The lower tier managers are questioning why they are in their positions.

It feels like some folks are being tricked just to get them into a certain section, for example host support. Emphasis is placed on sales and not on supporting the client.

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