Godaddy Search Engine Visibility Review 2016

2016 Godaddy search engine visibility check

In this article you will find a detailed overview of GoDaddy's SEO services. SOKHVINDER SINGH, Founder & Editor, Newsghat (2016 - today). Most likely because you are not highly ranked in search engines. You urgently need search engine optimization!

Godaddy's Search Engine Visibility Review : It' really like that?

I' m fairly certain GoDaddy doesn't need an act. When you read this search engine optimisation review, I will risk a guesswork that you are smart enough with a computer to exactly know who GoDaddy is and what kind of products they have. One of the newer and less known features that GoDaddy has launched is a search engine visibility feature named "GoDaddy Search Engine Visibility", which is essentially their own fantasy word for search engine optimisation.

If you have had previous exposure to GoDaddy in the past, whether or not you are happy, neither here nor there is that happy. However, we will not allow our previous GoDaddy history to affect our view of the search engine visibility that we are currently examining. But before we delve into the particularities of the offer and what kind of value it offers, we thought we would begin the review with a rapid cost comparision between Godaddy's new and the same kind of business but provided by a specialist business intelligence or advertising firm.

As of the date of this review, the actual costs for GoDaddy's own GoDaddy staff of providing advanced search engine analytics are less than five dollars per months. But if you take into account the fact that the avarage costs of search engine optimisation service from a specialist, devoted search engine optimisation agent will reset you somewhere between $1,000 and $10,000 per months, GoDaddy's sub-$5 offers begin to look a little suspect.

GoDaddy either knows something that all other SEO's in the dimorld don't know, or the ser vices they offer are nothing more than what you are paying for them, which is less than five dollars. That' s why we have compiled this Godaddy Search Engine Visibility Report to tell our reader about the value you will eventually get from a sevice like this, and why we don't think they are really valuable to be considered as a valid driver for your company.

Does GoDaddy search engine visibility pay off? Initially, the GoDaddy Going page for GoDaddy's advanced search engine seems to check all the boxes. It promises an augmentation of target volume, one-click search engine registration, improved search ranking and all that without having to do anything yourself.

But if you go a little further, you'll soon find that the features and utilities they offer are either free and easy to use, not applicable to today's standard software, or in some cases even risky. One of the things we found out for ourselves when reviewing the site's search engine visibility was that it's not a technical search engine visibility tool, but a suite of utilities developed to make your site's optimization a little simpler.

As an example, what seems to be the core of their services is the one-click registration with all important search engine, a button generating utility, an on-site optimisation editor and an easy-to-use site map builder. The thing that made us most doubt the applicability of their services, however, was the fact that search machines haven't asked for input manually for several years, and that's quite commonly known within the search engine world.

That GoDaddy have so little information about the state of the art in the sector, that they don't even know that entering manually is no longer a requisition, or they know exactly that the service they offer is quite useless, but they use it to take full benefit of the small shop keepers who have no idea about it.

Let's not rush to a conclusion and say whether that's right or wrong, but if you look at the point of prices of these "services", you can really see that for them it's nothing more than simple up-selling. Is GoDaddy search engine able to replace the need for a genuine agency selling search results?

SEO is not a mere "ABC, 123" type of "system" that can be done at the touch of a mouse. Things that Godaddy's Search Engine Visibility offers are easy utilities that can shed some lights on the problems that need to be fixed on your website in order for it to be properly optimised.

Nobody will ever immerse themselves upside down in the backend of your website to increase your load speed, shrink your style sheet and Java script size, buffer your pages, optimise your pictures and everything else that is vital for the search engine performance of your website. Pushbutton service that may have worked in the past is no longer a practical choice and can actually do more damage than good.

Google and the other search engine need high value contents, genuine, high value back links and a website that provides a good consumer experiences. Unfortunately, these things cannot be supplied by hand using a tool. So with everything said, would we suggest GoDaddy Search Engine Visibility to one of our current readership?

However, we sincerely believe that our review has contributed to opening your mind and broadening your horizons, which is really necessary to make a website a success in search engine optimization. We are always there for you.

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