Godaddy Server Details

The Godaddy Server Details

In the Delivery Options, type the GoDaddy SMTP mail server address (, select the Requires Authentication check box, and then click Setup. GoDaddy Legacy IMAP account IMAP settings. Enter your credentials and server information.

If you change the name server settings of a domain, you must specify at least one primary name server and one secondary name server. Execute the connection doctor and see under Details what the result is.

To use a GoDaddy SMTP server

SMPT or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a kind of networking protocol that you can use to transmit e-mails. In order to be able to send a message from your GoDaddy e-mail accounts, use the account's own mail server URL to set up your e-mail client. Up to 250 emails per night can be sent via Go Daddy's server.

Set your e-mail client to use Go Daddy's SMSTP server to deliver e-mails. Sign in to your Goaddy e-mail accounts at the site and go to the "Help" section, then to "E-mail client settings". Note the inbound and outbound (SMTP) server address list. Launch your mailing software and click on " New " or " New " on the tool bar to create a new one.

Every e-mail client is slightly different, so if you don't have this item on the taskbar, look for the "Add new e-mail" item in the "File" or "Tools" menus. Select this if you want to set up your accounts manual when you receive this check. Enter your name, e-mail addres and your passwort in the boxes with the information of the use.

Select either "POP" or "IMAP" as the link types. And Goaddy supports both. By default, IMAP is a copy of a message, but IMAP removes the message from the server when it is download. Please fill in your server adress in the provided fields. Fill in the appropriate fields with the addresses of your departing server and fill in "80" in the ports area.

Irrespective of whether you use IMAP or POS, the individual messages on the port are the same. If your e-mail clients offer this feature, test the link. We send your e-mail via Go Daddy's SMS server.

So you can modify your name server at GoDaddy.

So you can modify your name server at GoDaddy. Sign in to your GoDaddy Account Manager. Click the Manage pushbutton next to Areas. Find the Domain for which you want to enroll home name server, click the gear symbol, and then choose Manage DNS: On the Settings page of the Name Server section, click Manage.

From the Name Server Settings pop-up window, click the Custom check box, and then click the Edit Name Server links. Type your name server in the fields provided and click OK when you have made the changes.

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