Godaddy Server Settings

The Godaddy server settings

Enable "Force HTTPS" on the Settings tab of your repository. This screenshot shows the default configuration for our New Zealand server. Googleaddy server settings The following are the suggested GoDaddy user settings for your GoDaddy server (SMTP server). Browse down to Company Settings. You can use the following settings: Use "." for e-mail servers. Type your username, usually your full mailing name. Type your username, the same username you use to log in to your account.

Select Test Company Email Server Settings and await validation on the monitor. For some GoDaddy customers, alternative port and SSL settings may need to be tried.

PHP - PHPMailer GoDaddy Server rejected for SMTP server connectivity

The website uses PhilMailer and is housed on a GoDaddy server. Settings that seemed to be right (after all I could find on SO and the goDaddy supports page) were as follows: After you have spent more than 6 hrs trying every possible variant of ports (25, 3535, 4655), the server will be,[port], etc.), user names, password, etc.

GoDaddy. I phoned goDaddy. 1 ) The e-mail addresses of the "Workspace" are set. This is important because if you have an e-mail with goDaddy today, you probably have a work-space login. According to the technical supporter, this is housed separate from your main system and your system. 2 ) goDaddy moves towards cPanel e-mail addresses.

3 ) I shifted our account from Workplace to cPanel account while on the telephone with the representative. 4 ) After you have changed your e-mail account (including your MX record editing) to a cPanel e-mail (vs. a "workspace" e-mail), the appropriate settings for a web forms e-mail with PHPMailer: : ...... and everything else (as above) are the same.....

My web form created with PhilMailer worked perfect after this modification! You can use your cPaneL e-mail log-in (username) and your passwords in the php mailer set-up and your web e-mails will work smoothly! They can be IMAP or POS! Granted, that means you have to use goDaddy's cPanel e-mail addresses, but getting the web form to work flawlessly with PhilMailer was the true rewards!

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