Godaddy Server Time

The Godaddy Server Time

Hi, I have Deluxe Linux hosting with cPanel and want to know my server time. I' m gonna have to set it up for UTC time. Detached: This is how to modify the time zone on a common server

Seems you can't modify the time zone on db items with autodateTime in phpmyadmin using a sharing host packet. at 15:51, April 18th: I can browse you how to do it. at 15:51, April 18th: Do you see what my issue is? I have a web page filled out by a web site visitor who logs date and time... the web server logs the time as 7 lessons because your server is not configured to run ukl time, which is configured to u.s. western shore.. the web server logs the time as not 7 lessons because your server is not configured to run ukl time.

I' m just letting you know so you won't be caught off guard. at 3:51 p.m., 18 April: What's the point of altering it for a few short moments?? Yes, I get that and it's because the time it displays is tied to the time zones of the datacenter where you initially hosted the site. 15:53, April 18: Agent says it's not possible.

What can I do to modify the time zones on my server?

Please obey these steps to adjust the time zones on your grid. Choose the Files Manager symbol. If you have previously modified this configuration you can call it pHP. UNI. As soon as the filename is open, simply insert the following to any empty line under[PHP]: date. timezone="Atlantic/Bermuda" Please be aware that this would reset the time to Bermuda (-4 UTC), changing the time to what you want.

lf the name of the filename is php.ini. samples, modify it to pHP. initi in the Filename textfield. Please obey these steps to modify the time zones on your computer. How to customize the system date and time settings: Register for your Plesk domains in the Plesk Control Panel. Select the Server page.

Click System Time under General Preferences. Modify the time and date setting as required and choose your time area. REMARK: You must reboot your server for the time zoning changes to take effect. Use the Server page to go back to the Tools & Preferences page. Click Reboot Server under Server Administration.

The Server Administration panel must be activated. What can I do to modify my Plesk port? Login to your server administration area. Click in the Server Management section of the Server Management on Tools & Preferences. Click System Time in the General Preferences section. Modify the time and date setting on this page as required and choose your time area.

Press the OK key to store your preferences. The timezone of your server will be updated. There is no need to reboot Plesk or your server as a whole. But if you want your database to mirror the changes, you will need to reboot MySQL. For more information, see Restarting Plesk Professional Service.

TIP: Keep in mind that all time stamps, even the ones that already exist, now mirror the new time area. It is not possible to modify the system time on a DP because all server virtualization on the real server can only have one system time. It is possible, however, to modify the standard system time zones for your video with the instruction azselect.

The system prompts you to choose multiple time zoning selections. In this example, Pacific Time is selected. In order to be able to set up the time zones properly, please be sure to locate a site. Choose a continental region or oceans. 11 ) none - I want to specify the time area in Posix TZ-file.

Please fill in your area:: Choose a state. Choose a country: Choose one of the following time zones. Choose a time zone: Municipal time is now:Fri Feb 27 10:08:21 PST 2009. The universal time is now:Fri Feb 27 18:08:21 GMT 2009.

On your server, login as either a root or sindo on SSH. Execute the following commands to view your time zoning options: Save your local time file: Create a symbol linking /etc/localtime to America/Los_Angeles (be sure to use your own time zoning results from above point 3):

Check whether the modification was successfull by executing the date command: See results for your new time zone:

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