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Problems logging in to GoDaddy[known problem with some pages of ReactJS] - 1Password Forum

When the login screen is displayed, I briefly see the username or customer number box filled in as the box content disappears. In fact, they delete the login information after 1Password has filled it in. Yeah, it's a GoDaddy thing. The KeePass works like a charme because it simulates keystrokes to automatically enter login information.

1Password use is less demanding and difficult. A lot of web sites don't allow passwords manager and prohibit the auto fill technique that uses 1Password by using JavaScript scripts, uncommon fieldshields, more than one entry, etc. I created a bogus user name and a bogus passphrase to prevent it from really logging in, but if it were a genuine logon, it would work perfect.

1P, but I'm in and out of different GoDaddy account several different ways a daily and need a fix. I looked at the tech issue with the new GoDaddy login because I encountered similar issue using JS to subload entry boxes on other sites. JS can't tamper with React's renderables.

1P, but I'm in and out of different GoDaddy account several different ways a daily and need a fix.

At any time you can store the passwords with the integrated in your web browsers Passwortmanager or use something like KeePass only for your GoDaddy login information. It' far from perfection, but this is a state of affairs in GoDaddy's creations and you have to make a complaint to them. The problem is not inherently with REACH, but something more subtile.

When I first announced it, darenNZ, I didn't know it was a GoDaddy thing. Of course, I don't think this is your (or 1P's) trouble, because it' s a trouble with a location. I will try in the near term not to ask a question in a way that does not make it look as if my problems should take precedence over all others.

It' s an interesting dilemma, and GoDaddy is indeed a favourite website, so it's definitely deserving of study. Breach on a beloved website is indeed something we need to look at, but it's not quite the crunch point of e.g. 1Password, which is not compliant with a React website. Because I know that the group is looking for a work-around and I raised this early this morning because I know that this troublesome bug affects multiple 1Password people.

I also have this problem because I have multiple GoDaddy logs. Only use Chrome's Chrome Passwordmanager for the GoDaddy page. Sign in to all your GoDaddy satellites and give your Godaddy master login to your game. Simply go to account settings > delegate privileges > allow privileges. This way you login to your GoDaddy master email address and your other email addresses while you stay signed in.

I' m sure others will find these proposals useful as we keep working to improve the interaction of GoDaddy with IPassword. If you want Godaddy to log in with your Facebook Contacts, choose Activate Facebook Logon. That would mean that you are using your Facebook log-in page with your latest Godaddy email address.

I would not take these bypasses because it would be very poor for me if my registration policy were compromise ( there are known weaknesses for automatically filling browsers and binding things to SNS service is risky), but they can work for others who have a different risk profile. I agree that it is very disappointing, and I would like to be informed about every specific topic updated if there is one.

What about a GoDaddy payoff to slice it out? A considerable number of things websites can do that improve users' safety and/or data protection in a measurable way, and then there are others that we call "security theater" - what the incidental eye sees as relevant to safety, but for which the primary effect in reality is just to give the impression of safety while making the website much more user-unfriendly (not to speak of using a bad passwords manager).

GoDaddy seems to accept the information provided by the 1Password enhancement after it has been tested with various plattforms and webservers. That means you can easily log in to GoDaddy with 1Password. However, if you encounter a problem, let us know. 1Password does not fill out the Godaddy logon page.

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