Godaddy Smtp Settings

The Godaddy Smtp Settings

In my staging environment the module works fine with these settings: Are you having trouble setting up email marketing software? See our tutorial about GoDaddy SMTP settings for sending email with PHPMailer. The SMTP does not work with goDaddy[#2823575]. The SMTP engine is already in use. In my stage setting it works perfectly with these settings: If I have made it available on the goDaddy with the same settings, it won't work anymore.

I' m getting the general errormessage: When I go to the "last logs " I find another general bug. The screenshots are appended.

I' ve tried every kind of different config, servers addresses, etc.... but it won't work. Been chatting with goDaddy support at least 20 x and every x when they placed a plain script of jpg in my roots to email me. Because it worked, we always ended these chat sessions, saying there was something going on with my mod.

I' d at least like to have a few bug reports, otherwise I'm completely blindfolded.

php- SMTP settings with Godaddy

Need to know the settings for transmitting HTML e-mails with encoding sls. All my email addresses are hosted in Godaddy and I would like to receive email from my Godaddy account. "smtpout." ; "" ;'tls' ; "mypassword" ; If I set the port to 80 (and disabled SMTPSECURE), I can email, but these mails are not encrypted!...

But I know that I can email with the following settings:'' ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; But these messages are not sent encoded. Please use SMTP to email me, because if the email sent with the mail() or sendmail() methods is not sent for more than one month..... I' ve often been in contact with Godaddy and no solution has been offered.

I know it's not a sourcecode issue, because for many month the e-mails have been sent properly. But I need a fix until I move to another site, because I'm fed up with Godaddy, I wouldn't advise it to my worse foe! Which settings do I need to make to be able to send encoded e-mails?

EDIT: After a few weeks Godaddy said that there is no trouble to send e-mails from 25. Not trusting them because I think they don't know what the issue is and I know that 25 is not a safe one. However, the technical staff does not use the term "secure", but said that there is no issue.....

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