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Well, I work in Spain, where telephone bills are high. Well, I work in Spain, where telephone bills are high. Besides, the line is always horrible, and every single call I make I was put on hold for at least 20 mins. In the past I had several sites here, but I transferred them to another web host (Webline) whose support is first class.

QUIETLY terminates email support - replaced by a faulty instant messaging system

Repairing this Godaddy: Â A. The chats should be available at all times. B. It must give you an audible or visible alert when it's your turn so that you don't miss and squander all the times you've been just maintaining. 5/15/14 Update: It seems Godaddy didn't fix any of the problems here, although I get some of the traffic from this blogs posting, and a respectable amount of the traffic comes from Godaddy bureaus after my log.

Updated 29.07.15: It seems that Godaddy still hasn't realized any of the proposals I published here. It took me over an hours and 20 min. to get someone to help in the chats, and I did document how the new chats worked in a little bit of time in a clip I published below. There' no more email support for your question.

If Godaddy has cleared the possibility of submitting a tickets to your support accounts, and if you send an email to , you will receive an answer like this, which tells you to select another support method. Support callers can now call support by telephone or via their on-line chats system. It took the system well over an hours to connect me to someone and it has very imprecise timings.

No acoustic or visible indicator is available when it is your turn to talk. That means you could be spending a long amount of your life just sitting around waitin' and missin' your chance to get help. I' ve taken my monitor with a stopwatch and the Godaddy talk shop as proof of what you can look forward to when you try to use the new instant messaging function.

In general, Godaddy has not notified clients as far as I can tell. I' ve checked my email address for recent email from Godaddy and found none. However, they explained to clients who asked where email support was, that there were "better support options" such as telephone and instant messaging.

Being a former staff member for 8 years, I know a lot about their strong and weak points. She has always had one of her greatest strong points - her high support levels. This seems to be a great success as they seem to have stopped email support for clients.

Normally Godaddy would get tens of millions and even tens of millions of email inquiries a given email per diem and they had quite a few folks replying to those e-mails, maybe 100 or so, I'd guess. From time to time I use email support and have recently got this message containing an error response to one of my problems.

At some point I thought they would make an offical statement informing everyone about this modification and a timeframe for when it would be made. My attempted chats are recorded by videoclip here. It' very tedious because it's just a stopwatch that counts the clock and the Godaddy chats screen that updates my actual place in the wait line and its very imprecise "time estimate", but as you can see, it does take almost 1.5 hour before I get help.

So I had to hurry into the other room because my boy got ill around the moment my lap came in line and after this long waiting I missed my chance to talk. In the early Saturday afternoons I did some work and had to put an email on a website I was working on.

There were some problems with my DNA and I had to call Godaddy's email support several of the time to update the zonefile (which our site clients can't do). I' d mail them a mailing lists of email adresses that show the MX alert even though they had the right MX-entries.

As I can't do this anymore, I thought I'd try the new instant messaging function. There was " Click to see the Chat Wait Times" and "Chat Busy" for a while, but there was no place I could really click to see it. Waiting a while, I made some screen shots of chats that were not available, and I noted that the waiting period on the telephone climbed from 7 to 46 to 54 and 71 min.

So, I definitely didn't want to call you on the telephone this afternoon. Mmm. Finally I realized that the talk key was activated, so I just pressed it. Another pop-up came up and said that I was at 20 and should have waited about 21mins. It struck me as odd that only 20 guys were standing in front of me because Godaddy was such a big firm, and I thought the estimate of 21 min was even weirder.

Normally, staff working on conversations can conduct more than one client session at a given moment. Eventually I went up in line, but the latency was increasing. So, after about 20 min I waited, the amount of free space was actually higher than the initial estimation, although I went up in the line.

Somewhat later in the evening I wanted to try the trial and determined that I would use a timer to see how long it would actually take, and I made a videotape of my monitor to record their new instant messaging system in use. In order to offend the wound, after all this wait there is no evidence that someone is alive now who is willing to help you.

Also, there is no blinking that will appear as a blinking display in the windows symbol. I' ve used messaging with many other businesses and these functions are fairly common. So how many guys weren't on their computer all the fucking night, looking at the instant message box and missing their minutes out?

I' ll wager that at least half of the 20 guys in front of me didn't sit back and watch or miss. If Godaddy had actually been helping all the humans before me, how long would it have taken for me to get help? I' m a client and they have a fantastic instant messaging system in use.

I' ve never been waiting more than 10 or 15 min, and they really want to help you. You will also hear a beautiful sound when it's your turn to talk so you don't spend all your attention and miss your round in the series. In essence, Godaddy only leaves hundreds ofthousands of aid enquiries a year, knowing that the vast majority of those individuals won't call or be sitting around looking at their screens and wait for a ludicrous amount of times to respond to the chats.

In any case, this exchange of the chatsystem was an extreme bad implement and will never offer the customer the services that e-mail offers. They have been very useful in my experience when I am involved with the conversation, but these conversations take a while (about 20 minutes) and you have to wait and wait around while they investigate your problem at its end.

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