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GoDaddy to keep the technology behemoth. GoDaddy will be paying more than $800,000 over the next ten years to satisfy the city's biggest technology company with its offices, Gilbert said. GoDaddy has entered into a new 10-year rental agreement and will be investing $15 million in improving its call centre at El Dorado Technical Centre Business Park.

GöDaddy extended the tenancy with Everest Holdings, the owner of the property near Guadalupe Road and Arizona Avenue, and will increase its floor space by 15,000 sq ft, equivalent to a combined 180,000 sq ft. Gilbert has the highest density of GoDaddy staff in Arizona and is the city's biggest technology provider, said Gilbert Mayor Jenn Daniels.

That'?s good for Gilbert. GoDaddy, headquartered in Scottsdale, is the world's biggest reseller of web domains and web hosters. Headquartered in Arizona, the firm has more than 3,000 associates, with operations in Gilbert and Tempe, and operations around the globe. In 2005 GoDaddy was mainly opened as a call centre in Gilbert with 200 people.

According to the city, the plant now has 1,364 workers. Gilbert operations offer technology and distribution client service and are the starting point for more than 100 development and engineering professionals and some of the company's people. "It' s more than just call centre work, because we have a lot of people offering a broad spectrum of tech--not just telephone and/or selling support," said Calvin Crowder, GoDaddy VP of Global Real Estate.

Dan Henderson, Gilbert Economic Development Director, said GoDaddy officers had started exploring alternate facilities, for example outside Arizona, because they felt that the Gilbert plant would not provide the labor needed without upgrading or expanding. "To remain at its present site, GoDaddy would have to make about $15 million dollars to improve and extend its tenancy by about 15,000 sq ft," Henderson said.

Gilbert's annual R&D arrangement with Gilbert provided $83,600 to train staff if the firm accepted the new tenancy, improvement and retention of at least existing staff for the next 10 years. Gilbert City Council passed the treaty with a 5:2 ballot in August.

Mr. Petersen commended the advantages of having such a large technology enterprise at home and the spin-off companies it founds, while Deputy Major Victor Petersen challenged the inequality of aid incentive. Peter said he did not question the commercial advantages that GoDaddy Gilbert would bring, but he could not imagine a small firm that had received a similar stimulus.

GoDaddy's equity investments are anticipated to add convenience to the facilities to help recruit and retaining its employees. At GoDaddy, we are known for providing a truly exceptional working experience. In 2014, the company's Tempe Technology Centre opened with cold benefits such as go-karts, an in-door chute from second story office and baseball ribbons.

"We take the GoDaddy staff expertise fromdoorslides, pedal carts and gyms to professional catering crews to a new level," said Calvin Crowder, GoDaddy VP of Global Property. No GoDaddy officers could be contacted to discuss what conveniences could be constructed at the Gilbert site.

Bob Parsons, based in Scottsdale, started the registration of domains as Jomax Technologies in 1997. Two years later the name was renamed GoDaddy. Now GoDaddy has 17 million clients around the world and administers 71 million web domains. According to Arizona Republic's 2017 Arizona Republic rankings, the firm is the 49th biggest privately held firm in Arizona.

In 2011, GoDaddy acquired a controlling interest in Gosons and went Public in 2015. The GoDaddy team of 800 employees is based in its Scottsdale offices, which employ many of the company's leading minds as well as client service agents, design professionals and engineering staff. Tempe Technology Centre has around 900 employees, among them engineering and development staff, who focus, among other things, on providing customers with excellent service.

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