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Well, I have no idea how it takes more time. A new timeframe for holders of domains to extend the validity of their....

According to their research, less than 1% of their clients extend the validity of the domains after 30 workdays. From 4 December, the following changes will be made to elapsed domains: - After the 5th day, DNA, e-mail, hosted, redirected and all other DNS-dependent service are stopped and work is stopped. - After the 30th day after expiry, domains can no longer be extended or assigned.

Please note that you can go to your Past Domain names page, activate the domain names and apply for the authorisation key to be transferred to another domain name for up to 30 workdays.

For how long would a Domaintransfer be carried out, if it.....

@rfancn, just to give the whole thing a little more detail.... it's not that it actually every 5 to 7 nights NIMMS to move most names, it's just that the loosing registrar has 5 workingdays to release the word after the codes have been accepted. Append a tag to update the data sets at both ends, and it will refer to the 7 tags @justingodfrey. 7 tags are used to update the data sets.

Actually, the 5-day period is for one use. This gives the lost Registran / account owner the opportunity to know that it is going to occur and to appeal if it is something he does not want.

Dropped domain names and unacceptable long domain time.....

Selling around and finding it much cheaper elsewhere, I chose to let it run, remove it and make a reorder through the cheapest one. There was no need for me to take care of the download procedure because it is not a busy site. Answer - "Well, this is true for all registrars" and when I asked for more details about the request deletion procedure, the time frame was moved to "you have to delay 3 to 4 month from that day".

For how long does it take to manage a new domainname?

Katrintoul wrote: "I bought a top level domains under my checking accounts this mornings and I am not yet able to administer them and they do not appear under "My Domains". The order appears in the order log, but there is no other link to the domainname on my bankroll. I just wonder how long it will take for the domainname to be added to my accounts so I can administer it (change name servers, etc.).

Usually the domainname will appear in your accounts at .com,.net, org within one to two minutes. Was there an expansion to the name of the registration? Doing so may impact the time it will take to register in the registration process and be added to your affiliate area.

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