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The Godaddy Url

Configure your domain's DNS preferences Sign in to your GoDaddy accounts on the My Products page. Unless you are redirected there logically, make sure you choose the My Products tab: Click the top level panel and choose Manage Zones: Type the domainname you want to configure and click Search. At the bottom of the Manage DNS page, in the Records section, click Add and choose A from the drop-down list.

In order to make your Starter Site available at, you must make a CNAME entry. From the DNS Management page, click Add at the bottom of the Records section and choose CNAME from the drop-down list. As your hosting, specify www (which is creating the subdomain), and then specify your domainname (without www) in the Points to textfield.

Changing your DNA entries can take up to 24hrs to spread over the web. Enter your domainname in the Use your own domainname textfield.

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Your must have your own domainname. GoDaddy has two different processes based on your GoDaddy balance. An element that can occur when you try to build the CNAME data set is an alert that informs you that a data set already exists for @ or www. You must erase the available data sets (probably in the A Data Set section above, saving the changes, and then performing step 5 and 6 again).

Hold on! CNAME creation can take up to 24hrs. GoDaddy is usually very fast, but the page will not be immediately available for your new data sets.

About GoDaddy Domain Configurations

Browse to the Site Dashboard and choose the destination location (typically Live), then click on Search Properties / HTTPS. Then click the Details pushbutton next to your domainname. Hold this page open and sign in to your GoDaddy in a new tabs before proceeding. From the top right hand corner, click your GoDaddy Profiles and choose Administer My Areas.

Press the Add pushbutton and choose A from the Typ drop-down list. Choose the required TTL (Time to Live). TTL determines the lifetime of a DNA entry; a short period of waiting means less waiting for the changes to take effect. If you make a TTL modification to an existent dataset, you have to delay until the old TTL elapses - that is, if it had been 86400, you would have to delay a full 24 hrs until the new TTL spreads everywhere.

Press the Add icon and choose AAAA from the Typ drop-down list. Choose the appropriate TTL (Time to Live). With two AAAA ratings for enhanced uptime performance and dependability. For the configuration of a CNAME entry (e.g. a CNAME entry is necessary. Press the Add pushbutton and choose CNAME from the Typ drop-down list.

Choose the required TTL (Time to Live). When you get an Error Notification that the specified data set already existed, click Abort and choose next to the available data set.

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