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Login with your GoDaddy username and password. Dirigé vers la page de tutoriel de configuration de GoDaddy : Log in to your GoDaddy account from the GoDaddy homepage. Join us on Social Media! Log in to your GoDaddy account.

Bug fixing for problems with the GoDaddy link - Shippo

Directorcted to GoDaddy Setup Tutorial Page : So if you've already established the link between your GoDaddy shop and Shippo, but you see the "GoDaddy Setup Tutorial" as shown in the following screenshots, it's probably because you're signed in to a Shippo other than the one associated with your GoDaddy shop.

So if you have previously linked your GoDaddy shop to Shippo and have meanwhile modified that e-mail adress, your Shippo balance will still be at the initial e-mail adress you had in your company information when you linked Shippo. Nothing will happen to your Shippo accounts if you modify this e-mail in GoDaddy.

Shippo requires you to sign up with the GoDaddy e-mail you received. When you see the "Invalid credentials" warning, the same is true - please make sure you sign in with the proper e-mail adress. When you are sure that you are using the right e-mail account and still see the warning "Invalid credentials", please feel free to get in touch with us.

When GoDaddy suffers a transient breakdown or the like, the link between Shippo and your GoDaddy shop may be revoked and we must refresh the link on our site.

1. GoDaddy Sub Domain Name Delegation tutorial

You are advised to use your primary domainname and set up a slave domainname to send your e-mail. Log in to your GoDaddyccount. You should see one of the following window, go to your registry of domains. You are advised to allow at least one full working days to make sure that the procedure is working properly and that your domains and subdomains have been successfully deleted.

Don't do this on the website's main name. You should only use this approach if you have acquired a reserved e-mail address. If you click on Manage links you will see a pop-up as shown below: We recommend that you allow at least one full working days to make sure that the procedure is working properly and that your domain/subdomain has been successfully deleted.

Now you have finished the first part of the setup of your devoted pi! If you have any question or problem, please e-mail us.

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