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Go Daddy's Amber W. is our favourite administration expert - always with good applause for the team! Since two days my website is no longer available, since I am on GD to update my PHP and MySQL software; they are much too old. The question is, what do I need to back up to make sure I can completely (and easily) recover.

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Check out W vs. vs. W VOIP. Check out whether W is better for your W or for your home based W or GoP. is the world's biggest host name company with more than 36 million managed domain names. Due to their scale, the duration of their operations, and the large number of clients they have, Go.....

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GoDaddy from a supplier to 0 page. is a nonprofit organisation whose mission is to develop and train young women in the skills, expertise, athleticism and passion of Lake Geneva sports. Illinois Women's Lake Geneva Association was founded to give all women the chance to practice and practice the sports of Lake Geneva.

_back_button ='0'; _cachepath = '/home/content/s/c/a/scalteaux/html/cache'; _cachetime = '900'; _caching = '0'; _db = 'igla_joomla01. Default ='/usr/sbin/sendmail' ; $mosConfig_session_life_admin ='1800' ; $mosConfig_session_sendmail_type ='0' ; $mosConfig_shownouth ='0' ; $mosConfig_sitename ='The Illinois Girls Lacrosse Association' ; _smtpauth ='0'; $mosConfig_smtphost ='localhost'; $mosConfig_smtppass = ''; $mosConfig_smtpuser = ''; $mosConfig_uniquemail = '1'; $mosConfig_user ='igla_joomla01';

_useractivation ='1'; $mosConfig_vote ='0'; setlocale for LC_TIME, $mosConfig_locale; I think your db should just be'igla_joomla01', without all that after all. I' m not sure if this will help or not, but I had serious problems with Godaddy creating some hostnames and userpasswords and some for the database.

Get to Godaddy's hostin' controls. 1) Mark was right... $mosConfig_db = ''; SHOULD HAVE... $mosConfig_db = 'igla_joomla01'; 2) The above was 'igla_joomla01.db.4670487

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My website has been unavailable for two and a half day since I went to GD to upgrade my PHP and MySQL softwares; they are far too old. It is the second times this has been done; when I tried to login to the PHP/Apache, it didn't let me. When I returned to my website I got the warning "Error connecting to a database".

Unfortunately, the data base filename stored as.GZ instead of.ZIP says that I am not allowed to open it; this is strange. I have a Linux GD repository, but this should not interfere with opening the files if I am the Admin.

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