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Cogaddy CEO: because it incited violent behavior. "that we protect a free and open web. Irrespective of whether language is hate, bigot, racist, ignant, distasteful, in many cases we will still maintain this substance because we do not want to be a judge and the First Amendment applies not only to language but also to the Internet," Irving said on the Squawk Alley.

That' s exactly what was happening, Irving said when a Daily Stormer postal battled Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old who was murdered on Saturday when a vehicle parked in her group of counter protesters protesting against the Daily Stormer Post's whitewash in Charlottesville. Calling her "fat" and "childless", the neo-Nazi website said, "Most humans are happy that she is gone because she is the useless one.

GoDaddy, in a Sunday night teet, said the Daily Stormer had been given 24 hour to move his domains to another ISP. When asked why it took so long to displace a website that represents hatred, Irving replied: "I get this notion. However, once a website "incites violent behavior against a group or person," it breaches GoDaddy's policy and must be abolished, Irving said.

The GoDaddy did not run the site on its own server, but "hosted the domain," he said. "you can take it offline." The Daily Stormer shifted its domains to Google after The Daily Stormer was notified by GoDaddy, which also launched the website on Monday for breach ing the conditions of use.

Scaleway, France, was the real hosts of The Daily Stormer, who Vox acknowledged had closed the site's accounts and blocked his webmaster. The Associated Press said Andrew Anglin, editor of the website and creator of the article about Heyer, said he could not immediately give his opinion on GoDaddy's move Monday.

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