Godaddy web Address

The Godaddy Web Address

Confirmation page for domain registration on Update the IP address in the Type "A" line: Add your GoDaddy domain name to the CNAME file.

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Redirect your GoDaddy domain to Facebook

When you have moved your commercial website to a Facebook page, you may miss the amount of traffic that goes to the initial website. Once you've signed up your website's domainname with, you can use the company's customer service representative to route your old website's visitor to your Facebook pageutomatically.

Redirection allows you to keep using your initial web address for advertisements and other forms of promotion without losing web traffic. What's more, you can use your initial web address for advertisements and other forms of solicitation. Sign in to your GoDaddyccount. Choose the domainname you want to reroute to your Facebook page. On the Forward page, click the Forward tabs at the top of the page, then choose Forward Domains.

Type your personal web address in the "Forward to" box. To find your address on Wall Street, open the page in another tabs and view the address bar. Click on the link below to find your name. Yours will be something like "" on your front page. For example, if you have not associated a user name with your personal page on Facebook, the address would be "".

Activate "Forward With Masking" if you want your initial domainname to remain in the user's browsers view after being forwarded to the Facebook page. Keep the option deactivated to show your Facebook URL instead. When changing the Facebook page name, you will also need to modify the redirect address in your GoDaddy preferences to keep the redirect working.

"I' m rerouting your GoDaddy domain to Facebook."

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