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Is GoDaddy Website Builder Review right for you? <font color="#c400c4">(September 18)

Although I first elected them, I abandoned Godaddy because I thought they were an american firm and would be pro. I' ve just quit Godaddy web site although I' ve just upgraded and still have a whole year of web site web site web site web site that hasn't been used yet. In the first year, the services were okay, but once I upgraded my site, it became intolerably sluggish and took a really long time to get a page loaded.

The other pages and my Youtube worked well because I have a good web link, so it was definitely only Godaddy. It took me many hours to make a telephone call to get an explanation from Godaddy about the cause of the issue without being given a workaround. You don't have e-mail backup, and if the call separates after a long wait and explanation of your issue, you need to begin all over again, with a new one on the line.

Finally, I got e-mail assistance from the Godaddy staff, beginning with an excuse for not returning my calls and a pledge to call back the next one. There was no call back a whole weeks later, and for over a whole week I sent three e-mails to remind them of my issue.

Finally, one of the telephone hotline team dealt with the so-called escalation desktop. There was a call where I was explaining my problems with Godaddy if I didn't respond to my e-mails or offer a cause for my issue. In fact, I had even volunteered to fix it if the issue came from my side.

If the problem was not resolved, I proposed to reimburse my moneys for the new year of the hosting. which is a Godaddy bug. As I waited for my customer service to contact me, my one months payback was over.

So I got a default response from the escalation desktop to return to the normal backup staff without explaining why Godaddy didn't call back as expected or respond to normal email. By the way, after renewing the host for a large amount of money, two of their backup teams on various occasion said to me that I could have got it about 30% less if I had phoned them, so I felt pretty cheap at first.

Also, the hosted services were not functionally fast, and eventually I couldn't get help to fix my issue, and to top it all off, they didn't respond to my e-mails. Therefore I chose to give up my costly web site which I just updated to Godaddy for a year and moved the webmasters.

Twice the cost, but I didn't want to work with Godaddy anymore. Maybe they have a system to put clients on the black list, because last evening I was on indefinite standby for Godaddy to provide technical assistance, and this evening, after a 12 minute delay, my call was returned. Godaddy supports its clients in India, I think, because they know they can get away with it.

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