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Instructions on how to sign up for Webmail With cPanel, you get a high-performance email web conferencing solution that lets you access your email from anywhere. Read this to find out how to sign up for our service and what choices you'll see. Notice: The cPanel port has been modified to a topic named Paper Lantern.

If you log in to your account with Juniper Mail, you will see the options for the different available clients. At the top of the page, a pinion icon appears in the menubar, allowing you to choose which to use. Type your Domainname below and click the icon to go to your log in page.

We will ask you for a user name and your login name. Your user name is your complete e-mail adress ( all lower case letters ). Your keyword is your keyword for the e-mail adress. Have you forgotten your passwort? Webmail what? You have several ways to review your emails. You can set up a Desktop email service such as Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail or web-based services such as Google Mail to review your email.

And you can also retrieve your emails from your mobile device, such as an iPhone or Android mobile device. Just like the above example, it is another way to create, edit, send emails and more. The reason why your mail is different is that you can use a web interface to do it. Just login to your account and start using it.

Make sure you have an email account in your cPanel before trying to login to your inbox. Type your user name and your passphrase, and then click OK. Just click on one of the three email client and start using your email! Troubleshoot web mail problems: When you visit, if you are not prompted to type a user name and passcode, try going to instead.

Usually this problem is due to a web mail gateway on your computer which blocks the web mail from 2095 and 2096. You can use to connect to your mailbox via the 80 interface, the standard web server connection for webmail. In case you have forgotten your email account username, the simplest way is to set your email account username back in cPanel and then login again in cPanel.

Once you log in to your account you will be offered three options: There are three different types of email client that can be used to send and read email. Each of them will show you your email, but each of them has its own look &feel, as well as its own one-of-a-kind functions.

Besides spam, there are several other email functions that can be used on our server. Read the next articles about changing your MX Record. And if you forgot our last post, please read the Creating an email account Tutorial. Please refer to the Using Email page for more information on this course.

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