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Web Server - Can GoDaddy manage 8000 concurrent user endless band width hosted services or should I buy a Dedicated Server? I' ve created on-line registration for college entrance. Deluxe share host in GoDaddy. Each college's own unique hostname is used to host the program. Let's assume that the 4 College accreditation continues and at the same moment about 2000 users/colleagues (domain) fill out their form.

This means that a maximum of 8000 concurrent user are in use. This is my issue, my host can do this or I have to buy a dedicated server to run it. How much bandwith do I need to make about 6000-8000 concurrent user sessions work? FYI, I have my Google Pagespeed testing and my score is 84.

I' ve been calling GoDaddy Customer Service. You can' t insure me (in fact they never insure anything about sharing). That' only 512MB (In the Ultimate hosting map the amount of memory is only 1GB). Come and see us here and you will be informed about GoDaddy Share Hosted.

Deployment - Publishing the app on a Godaddy web server

My web forms are filled out (with 3 SQL Server databases) and I create them with the help of SQL Server and want to load them onto my Godaddy server. I have to put my app in a certain directory on my server, so I would rather just have it exported to my desktops and drop the images onto goDaddy's FileMaker Server by hand, as distinct from using the built-in publish tools in VBI.

My issue is that after I release it on my home disk, I get a number of.aspx file that I can't open with chromium, let alone on my server. Are there any kind of post-processing I need to do to get my.aspx file into an HTML-readable state? I' ve tried to install and goDaddy profile goIS and directly release it, but I still have problems.

Thanks a lot, you have to perform the deployment using the FTP publishing method. You will need the GoDaddy Hosting Details page where you can find the FTP account details to fill this out. When there are no registered usernames, create an FTP account and use this account name and passcode in your VBI Publish Profile.

Your server should be configured to "", where "" is the domainname for your website. Below are the step-by-step instructions for releasing your files: Solved my problem by using a different server: I had a bad dream about Godaddy and I gave up after a whole weeks research. The first release of your project/ applications with Visual Studio is not required and optionally, even without releasing your projects, you can still submit them to your Godaddy server.

There is a piece of Filezilla that you may have already known about. The FileZilla is a free, cross-platform FTP client that consists of FileZilla Client and FileZilla Server. Search other issues marked with Deployment or ask your own issue.

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