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The Godaddy Review: Best-in-class all-in-one web hosting service for new small companies The GoDaddy has been around for a long place, and some folks think it's just a place to buy them. However, this has so much more to provide, so don't miss it when you think of web hosting solutions. When you are a small company that has just built its own website and needs not only a web site hosted, but also a domainname, an SSL certification, Windows 365 connectivity and even website build and web promotion utilities, it is difficult to find a better summary of a site than GoDaddy.

Yes, some other host sites provide a similar set of hosters. GoDaddy gains by being simple to set up and maintain for the non-technical shopkeeper. GoDaddy is also not too grungy when it comes to hosted. The uptime is great so your clients never get stuck trying to get to your website, and there's 24/7 client service as well as robust protection, band width and hard drive storage.

Searching for the best web-hosting service for your company can be very bewildering. And GoDaddy has plenty of powerful features to find the right name. Base Webhosting begins at $7. 99 per months (regular introduction offers lower this price) for a free domainname, 100GB of hard drive storage, unmeasured per months bandwith, and up to 50 FTP-seats.

And GoDaddy also provides Linux and Windows servers and it' simple to update your servers as your company expands. However, note that your domainname can only be used with GoDaddy hosted, so you won't be able to take it with you if you ever quit. If you use WordPress for your website, you'll appreciate GoDaddy's four different support features.

Beginning at $3. 99 per monthly (introductory quote available at the date of this letter), you will receive: Whilst this is great for getting started, we suggest looking at their deluxe bundle instead, especially at $4. 99 per month instead (introductory offering available at the Time of writing this). Although we still think that HostGator is the best overall web host, GoDaddy is a strong competitor that should definitely be part of your reasoning if you are looking for a sound web hoster.

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